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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: West of Gu'Tanoth and south of Castle Wars.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: The ability to make brutal arrows, Relicym's balm - cure disease potion, 2000 exp range, fletching and herblore. Ability to make composite ogre bows.
Quest points gained: 1.
Main quest area: Zogre cavern and Yanille
Required Skills: Level 8 herblore, level 30 range, level 4 smithing, level 20 strength and level 30 fletching. 
Required Items: None, other than items picked up during quest. 
Required Quests: Jungle Potion, Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Monsters: Slash Bash Level 111
NPC: Grish, Uglug Nar.

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To start the quest, speak to Grish. He will explain that the Ogre ceremonial area is infested with undead Ogres and asks you to find out the cause of this problem. He will provide you with two super restore potions and three cooked chompy birds. Speak to the Ogre guard standing to the east. He will allow you passage once you tell him that you are on a quest on behalf of Grish. Climb over the crushed barricade and go east and go down the stairs into a cavern. Head northwest to a charred area. Search the skeleton by the broken lecturn and a level 39 zombie will arise and attack you. Once you have defeated it, search the skeleton again and you will receive a ruined backpack. Inside the backpack is a knife, rotten food and a Dragon Inn tankard. Search the broken lecturn and you will find a torn page. Use the knife with the Ogre coffin just west of the skeleton to pry it open and then search it to get a black prism. Go to Yanille and show the tankard to the Dragon Inn bartender. He will tell you that the tankard belongs to Brentle Vahn who hasn't shown up in the bar for some time and also had shady dealings with a wizard whose name he doesn't know. However, he would recognise him if he saw him again. Go to the mage guild and ring the bell by the door and Zavistic Rarve will appear. Speak to him and show him the items you have collected. He will ask you to speak to Sithik Ints, a mage who has had prior knowledge in necromancy, who is in the house north of the guild. Sithik can be found upstairs resting in bed. Speak to him and then search his room. He protests but cannot do anything about it. Search the cupboard, drawers and wardrobe to get the book of portraiture, necromancy book and book of 'h.a.m.'. Collect the charcoal and papyrus. Read all three books. Use the torn page with the book of necromancy. Show Sithik's portrait to the Dragon Inn bartender. He will identify that this is the man that was last seen with Brentle. He will then sign the portrait as verification. Bring all the evidence collected so far to Zavistic Rarve and he will give you a strange potion to be drunk by Sithik. Go to Sithik and use the potion with his cup of tea. Go down the ladder and back up again. You will find that Sithik has turned into an ogre. This is where you squeeze everything he knows about the zombie ogres, how to make brutal arrows to effectively defeat the zombies, the method to create a cure if you're infected by zombie disease and the fact that the summoning spell cannot be reversed. Return to Grish and break the bad news to him. He tells you that in order to relocate the ceremonial grounds, he needs an artefact that is found in the caverns and passes you a key. Explain to him that the ogre bow that is used to fire the brutal arrows is too slow and he will teach you how to make a composite ogre bow through the use of achey logs and wolf bones. In the caverns, go west until you see a locked gate. Use the key and you will pass through and walk to the end of the room where you will you see a stand. Search it and a level 111 Zogre name Slash Bash will appear and attack you. Once defeated you get standard zorge bones, three ourg ancestral bones and the ogre artefact. Return the artefact to Grish to complete the quest.

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