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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Talk to the little boy at Taverly.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 6325 Hits xp.
Quest points gained: 4.
Required Items: Gloves (spawn south of Edgeville bank, or in the quest it is possible to search the boxes for one), Cheese (spawn at the house in Draynor).
Monsters: Witches Experiment (levels 19, 30, 42 & 53)
NPC: Nora T. Hagg, Boy.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

First of all you need to make your way to the gate entrance of Taverly. Just past it you will see a little boy standing by the hedge. Talk to him and he will ask you if you can get his ball back for him. Go around the hedge and you will come to the door of the house.  You will find that the door is locked and you will find the key under the first pot to your left. Go in the door and go upstairs and look around for the diary and read it. Go back downstairs and into the basement. Wear your leather gloves, if you do not have the gloves yet, search crates until you get a pair. Go through the gate and search the cupboard for the magnet. Go back upstairs and into the little room with the door that leads to the garden and drop your cheese and a mouse will come out. Attach the magnet to the mouse and it will unlock the door. Be cautious: the mouse goes away in about 20 seconds and you lose your cheese if you fail to attach the magnet in time. Now you are in the garden you will see the witch patrolling. The trick here is not to let her see you. If she does she will teleport you outside of the house, take away the magnet from the mouse and you will have to go in again. Go all the way round until you reach the fountain. Search around the sides of the fountain, you will find the key to the shed. It may take several attempts to find the key, but it is there.  Please note: You have to read the whole of the diary to find the key. Go to the shed and use the key on it. Try to take the ball and a shape shifter or 'Witches Experiment' will appear and turn into 4 different monsters, each one harder than the other: Its original form, a spider, a bear and a wolf. Once you beat the Shape Shifter, collect the ball. Be careful not to get caught on your way out. When you have the ball, you may still not be seen by the witch. If she sees you, you’ll be teleported out, and you will lose the key to the shed, and the ball. Give the ball to the boy. This completes the quest and you will never be able to re-enter the witch's house again.

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