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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Watchtower west of Yanilly cite gates, there's some handholds on the north side of the tower, climb them, and go up the ladders and talk with the Wizard.
Quest difficulty level: Hard.
Reward: 5000 Gp, around 12.000 magic exp and ability to use the Watchtower Teleport (Magic level 58).
Quest points gained: 4.
Required Skills: Level 14 Herblaw, 14 Magic, 15 Thieving, 30 Agility, 40 Mining, be able to kill level 58 monsters. 
Required Items: 1 Dragon Bone, 1 Bat bone, 1 Death Rune, 2 Ropes, a Gold bar, Pickaxe, Guam leaf, Water filled Vial and pestle & mortar. Dragonfire shield were useful.
Monsters: Ogre (level 48), Gorad (level 68), Ogre trader (level 60), Ogre Guard (level 74), Ogre Chieftain (level 70), Enclave guard (level 74), Greater Demons (level 92), Blue Dragons (level 111), Ogre Shamans (level 113).
NPC: Wizard (main npc, quest start, Watchtower north-west of Yanille), Og (west of Yanille, settlement), Grew (west of Yanille, island), Toban (south of Yanille, island), Scavids (Caves in the Ogre area).

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Head west of Yanille's city gates until you reach a 3-storied building. Look for some climbing handholds on the northern side of the wall, climb up and proceed to the top floor. Talk to Wizard, and he will ask you to search the grounds. Exit the watchtower, and search all the bushes around the tower until you find the following items: An eye-patch, some fingernails, a dagger, some pieces of armour.
Go back up to the Wizard, this time you may use the ladder since you started the quest. He will tell you to communicate with the local settlements and learn the cross paths of the Ogre city. Take the lit candle from the ground floor of the tower; you'll need this later on.
Og is the first you must talk to. Head west of Yanille and you should find him. Speak with Og and he will tell you that he will help you if you return his gold bar that was stolen by Toban. Og will give you a key for the chest where Toban has hidden the stolen gold bar. South of Og's settlement you will see a small island. Use your rope with the tree on the island, and you will now swing across. Talk with Grew and he will ask for a tooth of his arch enemy; Gorad. While you're there, you might as well pick up some jangerberries if you haven't already.
Toban and Gorad are located on a small island south of Yanille. You won't be able to access the bridge leading to the island since it's out. Find the south-west cave entrance which will lead you onto the island. Kill Gorad (level 68) and get his tooth. Now talk with Toban who will ask you for a dragon bones, give it to him, and you'll get your first part of an Ogre Statue. Now you may go open Toban's chest to retrieve Og's gold bar. Head back to Grew and talk with him to return the tooth you got from Gorad. As a reward he will give you your second part of the Ogre statue. Now return to Og and hand over his gold bar and he will give you your third and final piece of the Ogre statue. You should now also have one of the Crystals as well. Head back to the Wizard, use a piece of your Ogre Statue on him, and he'll put it together.
Follow the road south of Yanille which will lead to the Ogre city. Take the western path, and you should reach some Ogre Guards. Use the statue on one of them, and they'll let you enter their hidden and beloved Gu'tanoth. When you enter the market area, head southwest to find the rock cake stall. Right click and steal a rock cake from the stall, don't eat it, you'll to lose hp. On your way out follow the south pathway until you come across 2 Ogre Guards. Attempting to cross will result in a guard stopping you. As a fair trade to cross the bridge you must hand over a rock cake.
You will approach a rock at the end of the bridge. Before jumping you will be stopped to pay 20gp to a guard. Cross the bridge and talk with any of the guards to hear a Mystery riddle. Use a death rune (the answer to the riddle) on any of the guards to get a scavid map. Exit the Ogre city and visit the caves market. Make sure when entering each cave that you have both the lit candle and the map in your inventory. Enter each cave and speak with the Scavid's inside by clicking on the correct option. By speaking with each Scavid you will develop and learn there language.
Now follow the path that leads southeast (the opposite of the path that leads to the Ogre city). Upon your arrival you will see 2 Ogre guards. Talk to one of the two guards, and in the end they will ask for a gold bar. Use your gold bar on any of the 2 Ogres to get through the gate. Follow the road, cross the bridge and then enter the cave there. Talk to the mad Scavid inside, and give him the correct answers and you will be granted the second crystal. Before you exit the cave take a couple of nightshades, as you will need these later on (Don't eat them!).
It might be a good idea to visit the bank to get a dragonfire shield, and some food at this point (pickaxe as well).
Go to the market area again, and you should see a couple of guards guarding a cave entrance to the west. Use one of your nightshades one of the guards and to enter the cave. In the cave you will see Ogre Chieftains (level 74), Greater Demons (level 92), Blue Dragons (level 99), and finally Ogre Shamans (level 113). Go north inside the cave, and exit it, head back to the watchtower, and speak with the Wizard to learn about a special potion that will wipe out all the Ogre Shamans.
You will need the following items - jangerberries, guam leaf, bat bones, pestle & mortar and a water filled vial. Please make sure you mix the potion correctly, or it'll explode. First mix the Guam leaf with the water filled vial, then add the jangerberries to the vial. Take your bat bones and use them with your pestle & mortar. This will grind the bones, add it as the last ingredient. Once completed the potion must be enchanted by the Wizard. Head back to the market place and use a second nightshade on the guards and enter. When you're in the cave use the enchanted potion on all the Ogre shamans, and they will all die. After killing the last Ogre shaman he should drop the third crystal.
In the middle of the cave you should see a bridge with a huge boulder located at the end. Mine the boulder with your pickaxe to get the fourth and final crystal. Head back to the Wizard and follow his instructions.

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