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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Talk to Ug inside the troll stronghold.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 1 uncut diamond, 2 uncut ruby, 4 uncut emerald, 4k strength exp, 8k agility exp.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: Death Plateau and the Troll Stronghold Quest.
Required Skills: Level 28 Agility, must be able to defeat a level 113 Troll.
Advantage skills: Level 61 magic (Camelot teleport & Throllheim teleport) and Level 43 prayer (protect from missiles & protect from Melee).
Required Items: One yew or maple log, rope, iron bar, cake tin, insect repellent, swamp tar, climbing boots or 12 gp, food.
Monsters: Arrg (Level 113).
NPC: Ug (main quest npc), Aga, Arrg, Tenzing, Dunstan.

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Items for this part: Climbing boots or 12gp, some (low) food (optional), prayer points (optional).
Description: To start off, go to the troll stronghold, it's located north from Burthorpe. You will need some climbing boots; you can buy them from Terzing for 12gp. Terzing is located on the southwest end of the Troll Mountains. Go all the way past the stone throwing trolls (use protect from range prayer if you can). Get inside the Troll Stronghold and head east. Go down the stairs and head west, until you find a doorway. Go through it and to the west side of the room, you will find a troll crying. This is Ug, the start of your quest. Talk to him about Aga.

Description: Head east to the end of the next room, you will find Aga, ask her about her love life. Then continue about "Trollweiss".

Talk to Ug about the flower, he will tell you only someone who has lived in the mountains all his life knows how to get the Trollweiss.

Go back all the way trough the mountains to Tenzing. This is the Sherpa as where you could also buy climbing boots. Ask him about Trollweiss. He will tell you it's impossible to get, but keep insisting on going after it. He will finally tell you, you need a sled to go down. He will tell you to go see Dunstan.

Description: Ask him about the sled. Tell him you feel too old for one by pressing "yes", he will ask why you need one and you will explain him. After this he will tell you what he needs to build one. He sends you off to find these items and says he'll be working on the model meanwhile.

Items for this part:
Maple or yew log, iron bar, rope
Description: You will need a maple or yew log, an iron bar and some rope for him to build a sled. Talk to him with these items in your inventory and he will build it. 

Items for this part:
Cake tin, insect repellent, swamp tar
Description: Go to the Catherby beehives. You will find a bucket respawn, pick one up. Use the bucket on any beehive while having the insect repellent in your inventory. You will get some honey. Use the swamp tar on the bucket with honey while having a cake tin with you. You will get some wax. Use the wax on the sled. 

Items for this part:
Teleport ring/amulet/runes (optional).
Description: There is a route north of the stone throwing trolls. It could be useful to teleport there because it's quite close and you won't have to pass the stone throwers again. Follow the path to a closed ice-gate. West of here is a cave, go trough it, but be warned there are a lot of level 120 trolls, although they don't seem aggressive. After this is a great ice plateau. Ride your slide here (you can go around like your walking). Go southwest (mostly south) past some wolves. You will find a "slope". Go for the first option "slide slope". You will get a small animated movie about sliding. Eventually you will stop sliding and be able to "walk" again. Go west to a plateau and pick some rare flowers. You only need one for the quest but if you like pick some more. Now you can do two things. Either you teleport out, or you slide down the next slope located to the south.

Items for this part:
Description: Go back to Ug and give him the flower by talking to him. He tells you he is afraid of giving it to Aga because of Arrg. You will need to defeat Arrg.

The most difficult part of the quest. First talk to him. Tell him you came to kill him. You will be taken outside (can't fight in front of a lady) and will need to kill him here. Be warned, he uses both melee as well as missile attacks (throwing rocks). If you don't want to get hit, you will have to switch between melee protection and missile protection prayer really fast. Do make sure you keep an eye on your hit points because he might hit you anyway. After you beat him, just go back to Ug to finish the quest.

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