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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Go through the maze into the Gnome Village and talk to King Bolren.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Ability to use the Spirit Trees teleport, around 11,000 attack experience, and a Gnome defence amulet.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: Be able to kill a level 112 monster.
Required Items: Hatchet (or 6 regular logs).
Monsters: Khazard Commander (level 48), Warlord (level 112).

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The king will tell you that the Khazard troops have stolen 3 orbs. If you agree to help, you will be guided out of the maze.
The first orb: Go north to the battle field and talk to Comander Montai. He will say that he needs 6 logs. Get 6 logs and bring them to him. He will tell you he sent trackers to get the coordinates for the ballista. Find all the trackers and they will give you the combination
Height: 4. X: 3. Y: 5.
Go fire the balistia and if you got the numbers right, it will say that it hit. Go up to the Khazard Stronghold and climb the crushed wall; you will be attacked. Go up the ladder and you will be attacked again, find the orb, then go down and open the door.
Talk to Elkoy at the beginning of the maze, south of the battlefield, and you will be teleported into the village.
The king will tell you that a Khazard Warlord has taken the last 2 orbs
The Khazard Warlord: Go north until the end of the battlefield, then go north-west above the wolves. The Khazard Warlord will be up there. Talk with him, and then kill him to make him drop the remaining orbs.
Return to the village and talk to the King.

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