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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Shantay Pass, South Al-Kharid.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Access to the mining camp, Experience in 2 skills of choice (either Smithing, Agility, Thieving, or Fletching) and the ability to smith darts.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: Level 10 Fletching, 20 Smithing. Be able to kill a level 53 Mercenary Captain.
Required Items: Full Desert Robe, 2 or 3 Full Water skins, Shantay Pass ticket, 3 Bronze Bars, 10 Feathers, Hammer, Knife and 200gp.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Go to the Shantay Pass and talk to the Shantay there. Buy all of the things listed above. Go through the doorway and talk to Irena who will tell you about her daughter. Walk directly south until you find a mining site. 
Right click on the Mercenary Captain, choose to watch. You will discover he uses his guards to do his dirty work. Talk to the Captain. Say "hello", then, "I will teach you a lesson with my right hand". Make sure you finish talking to him and then attack him. Note: Do not use a weapon.
Kill him and you pick up a key instantly. Use the key on the gate to enter the camp. Do not wear any weapons or armour, or the guards will put you in the jail. 
Talk to the male slave and listen to what he has to say, agree to help him. Remove the handcuffs and give him your desert robe for his slave robe. This may take a few tries and you might get locked up in the jail. If you have the jail key use it on the jail door, if not you need to climb out of window and up rocks and start all over. 
Enter the gate at the corner of the mountain. Be sure to wear slave robes. Go to the far end and talk to the mercenary there and tell him you want to change mining spots. He will want a pineapple. To get a pineapple you need to go west after exiting the camp and go to the Tenti's camp. Talk to the head Tenti chief (al shabim) and tell him you want a pineapple. You will have to bring him the plans for a weapon. Agree and he will give you a chest key. 
Go back to the mining camp and enter the building where the jail is. Go up the ladder and search the bookcases until you find a book about boating. Read it. Search the desk for a cell key. Then try to open the chest with the chest key and you will be caught and asked you what are you doing. Ask him if he likes boats and he will start talking about boats and will get distracted. Open chest and then exit and go back to Tenti's camp and show the plans to the head chief. He will let you use the tent with a anvil in it. First you need to get 2 bronze bars and 10 feathers. 
Show the plans to the guard outside the tent, enter and use the bronze bar with the anvil. It will ask you if you want to follow plans say "yes" and it will create some dart heads, use the feathers on the darts to complete them. Go back to the head chief and show him the weapon. He will give you a pineapple and 6 bronze darts. You now have the ability to smith your own darts. Go back to the jail and enter the underground part. Use your pineapple on the guard and then you can enter the next part of the mine. 
Move on until you see a mining cart, examine a barrel and pick it up. Search the cart and ride in it. It may take some time and some damage. On the next area follow the middle path to find Ana, talk to her about the possibility of escape. Then use the barrel on her and you will put her in it. Go back to the mining cart and use the barrel to send Ana back, then jump into the cart yourself, and ride it back. Search the barrels there to find the one Ana is in. You will automatically pick it up. 
Go to the lift there and use the barrel with it, a guard will see you and he will help you. He'll ask you a question, to which the answer is "gregorious". Go back through the tunnels and exit the underground. Remember to wear your slave robe, otherwise the guards will catch you. You will need to get the barrel out of the lift so go to the lift and operate it. Use Ana in a barrel with the cart. 
Talk to the cart driver, say some jokes, he will begin to laugh. Then tell him what you need, ask him to drive the cart for 10 gold without any questions asked, he will say he wants 100, agree. Now you will be back outside with Ana in a barrel which is in your inventory, head back to the gate and use the barrel with Ana's mother. Talk to her and she will reward you. Note: If you mess up and are sent to jail Ana will be back into the mine and you will have to go back and get her with the barrel again.

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