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Starting location: King Vargas, in the Miscellania Castle - take the ship from Rellekka.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 10000gp and rule over the kingdom of Miscellania.
Managing your kingdom: Now that you have a loyal following of workers, you can get them to work for you. Talk to Ghrim and he'll give you a book with information on running the kingdom. You can add and withdraw coins from the Kingdom's coffers, and this will be used to pay the townsfolk for their labour. You can allocate the labourers to woodcutting (maple), mining (coal), fishing (tuna, swordfish and lobsters) or herb gardening (gives various herbs)
Every 24 hours, you'll be able to collect the fruits of their labour. Obviously, if you're more popular with the community they'll work harder.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Hero's Quest and The Fremennik Trials.
Required Skills: It's an advantage to have either level 35 herblore or level 45 woodcutting.
Required Items: Some GP, Iron bar, Log, Flowers, Ring (any,) Male Characters will need a bow (any), and female characters will need a normal cake (not chocolate - and you might want to bring a spare one just in case you eat it.) Depending on your skills, you will need one of: Pickaxe, Axe (Hatchet), Harpoon, Lobster pot, Silver Sickle.
NPC: King Vargas, Advisor Ghrim, Queen Sigrid, Prince Brand, Derrik (blacksmith,) Garderner Gunnhild, Lumberjack Leif, Fisherman Frodi, Miner Magnus. If your character is male, you'll also have to speak with Princess Astrid.

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Rumours have been coming back from Miscellania that all is not well, it is said that the king has been turned into a monster. An exceptional hero is required to investigate. Experience in ruling kingdoms, wooing royalty and negotiating peace would be an advantage.
Before you start, don't kill any of the Miscellania residents, or you'll pay the price later. It's suspected thieving from them may also lower your popularity too.
Take the boat from Rellekka to Miscellania, make your way to the castle and attempt to enter the throne room. The guard will question you, but tell him you're a member of the Hero's guild and he'll let you pass. Talk to the king and he'll tell you of his plight. He needs a new ruler for the kingdom. In order for you to rise to this position, you need to negotiate peace with Etceteria and marry into the royal family.
Throughout the course of the quest, the king's advisor, Ghrim, is very helpful. If you're ever stuck, talk to him and he'll give you information.
Negotiating peace with Etceteria: To negotiate peace with Etceteria, go and talk to their queen. After waffling a bit about her problems, she'll eventually tell you that King Vargas doesn't recognise Etceteria as a sovereign nation. Go back and talk to the king and he'll inform you that Etceteria's anthem is insulting and they have to change it. Go back to the queen and she'll tell you to find a bard to compose a new anthem. Is so happens that King Vargas' son, Prince brand thinks he's a bit musical, so talk to him and he'll give you an anthem. Turns out he's not really very musical at all - show the queen the anthem and she'll tell you it's pathetic. So, take it to the ever helpful Advisor Ghrim and he'll fix you up a better one. 
Take this to Queen Sigrid and she'll be pleased with it. She'll give you a treaty for the King to sign. So, go back to the king and show him the treaty. Unfortunately, his hands are so malformed that he can no longer hold a pen. To the north east you'll find a blacksmith - Derrik, who's willing to make you a nib for a larger pen. Give him the iron bar you have and then use your log with the nib. Take the pen back to King Vargas and he'll sign the treaty.
Marrying into the royal family: Male characters must woo the beautiful Princess Astrid, while females are chasing after the fetching Prince brand. For those of you unfamiliar with such practices, it's not as hard as you might think - and there's no need to be nervous either. Talk lots, and if you get stuck, go and talk with Advisor Ghrim.
For ladies: Talk to the Prince, compliment him, laugh at his jokes, tell him what he wants to hear. When you start repeating yourself, give him some flowers. Flowers can be purchased from the flower girl's small hut. Once you've given him the flowers, speak some more, then compliment him on his musical ability. Do whatever he wants - dance for him and clap. Once things start to repeat again, give him some cake - he's got a bit of a sweet tooth. Continue talking; once he starts calling you darling blow him a kiss. Continue chatting and blowing kisses, and then offer him your ring. If at any stage he says “you're getting a bit ahead of yourself' then just keep talking to him and praising him.
For gentlemen: Princess Astrid loves to talk. So do so. It's pretty obvious what's the 'good' stuff to say. When she talks about dancing - do so. Chat some more - when you run out of stuff to say, give her a bow as a present - she's a bit of a ranger so she'll be very pleased with it. Continue chin wagging and give her some flowers. (Flowers can be purchased from the flower girl.) Continue talking, agreeing with her, until she calls you dear, at this point - blow her a kiss. She'll giggle. Chat some more and then ask for her hand in marriage by presenting her with the ring.
Gaining the support of the people: In order for you to ascend to the throne, you must be accepted by the people. Originally, you will begin with 25% support, (unless you've been killing the locals.) To gain support, you must assist the locals in their activities.
You can do one or more of the following: 
Assist Lumberjack Leif by chopping maple trees (requires hatchet)
Assist Fisherman Frodi by catching Tuna, Swordfish and Lobsters (requires lobster pot or harpoon)
Assist Miner Magnus by mining coal (requires pickaxe)
Assist Gardener Gunnhild in the herb garden (requires silver sickle, or 15gp to purchase an iron one) 
As your popularity grows, you can check it with Advisor Ghrim. Once you reach 75% popularity, speak to the King and he'll inform you that the population would be honoured to have you as their ruler. A ceremony will take place and you'll complete the quest.

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