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Also known as: Rune Scape

1. To make wavy writing, type wave: or wave2: before your message.
2. To make scrolling writing, type scroll: before your message.
3. To make glowing writing, type glow1:, glow2:, or glow:3 before your message.
4. To make shaking text, type shake: before your message.
5. To make your text slide, stay there for about five seconds, then slide off again, type slide: before your message.
6. To make your text flash, type flash1: before your message for yellow and red flashing text, flash2: for light blue and dark blue flashing text, or flash3: for light green and dark green flashing text.
7. To have a combination of them, first type glow1: (or one of the other two glow codes), then type wave: or scroll:.
Please Note: Use a space after the ":" character in the code and the start of your message. For example, glow1:wave: Want to duel?

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