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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Wearing your spiny helmet, use your rope with the hole in the ground near Lumbridge Swamps. Go to Juna the Serpent in the south east.
Quest difficulty level:
1,000 crafting xp and the ability to use the Tears of Guthix mini game.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required skills: Lvl 49 Firemaking, Lvl 20 Crafting, Lvl 20 Mining. 
Required items: Spiny helmet, chisel, cut sapphire, pickaxe, tinderbox, rope, bullseye lantern.
NPC: Juna, Light creature.

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Talk to Juna who will tell you stories about Guthix and of the weeping rocks. She tells you to make a stone bowl made out of magic stone to hold the tears of Guthix in. You can mine the stone on the other side of the cavern. To get to the other side extinguish your lantern and use a cut sapphire with it, then relight it. Use your sapphire lantern on one of the nearby light creatures  near the entrance to the cavern and go back up the rocks you climbed down. The magical lights will carry you over the chasm to the other side where you can mine the rocks for the magic stone. Use the chisel on the stone to make the stone bowl.
Go back and talk to Juna. This completes the quest.

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