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Starting location: Talk to Timfraku in Tai Bwo Wannai (south of Brimhaven).
Quest difficulty level: Hard.
Reward: 2 Quest points, 2.000 gp, talk to the 3 sons to get exp as well as a rune spear (kp).
Tamayu: 2,5K attack exp, 2.5K strength exp and rune spear (kp).
Tinsay: 5K cooking experience.
Tiadeche: 5k fishing experience.
You can now also catch Karambwaji and Karambwan.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: Level 30 Cooking, Level 15 Agility, Level 5 Fishing. (Level 65 fishing and 60 cooking needed if you want to catch and cook your own Karambwan).
Required Items: Net, knife, around 5.000 gp, spear better than iron (including iron), Jogre bones, seaweed, banana, karamja rum, Mortar and Pestle, 2 agility potions, bow & arrows or runes to kill a monkey.
Required Quest: You must have completed the Jungle Potion Quest.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Timfraku thanks you for everything you have done in the jungle potion quest, and gives you a new mission. Your mission is to get his 3 sons, Tamayu, Tinsay, and Tiadeche, to return to the village.
How to get karambwanji and karambwan: you can only catch these with the proper fishing vessel so go and bug Lubufu, you can find him a little south-west of Brimhaven. It's annoying but sooner or later you get a chance to help him out, just keep talking. He will ask you to find the bait for the vessle, you can fish it at a lake south of Tai Bow Wannai, you must catch 20 karambawnjis (fish 3-5 extra since you you'll need them later on), and take them back to him. He will now give you a karambwan vessel that you need to catch the karambwan with. To catch karambwan, you'll need to place a raw karambwanji in the karambwan vessel, and then fish at the fishing place next to Lubufu. Fishing karambawnjis is done with a normal small net.
Tamayu is located at the mines just south-east of quest start point. He says he will not set foot in the village until he has slain Shaikahan. Talk to him again and he will tell you that you can join him on the next hunt, but not help him out, and of course he fails. You need to bring him a agility potion, give it to him, and watch him hunt, then give him a spear of iron or better poisoned with the special karambwan, and another agility potion. Here's how you make the kp spear; cook a karambwan and use it on a mortar and pestle (make sure the karambwan is light-green in colour, since this means that its poisoned), and then just add the paste to the spear. Give him the things, and he will be able to kill the Shaikahan, and will return to the village.
Tinsay is located on Cairn Island. This guy's sitting around waiting for people to bring him what he wants and he doesn't see anything wrong with it, so it is now your job to gather a few supplies.
Banana Karamja Rum: All you have to do is get a banana and with a knife cut it and use it on some rum. Karamja rum can be found on the port of Karamja Island (you might remember this from Pirates Treasure) in the shop and Bananas are picked on the tree. Once you have made this, take it back to Tinsay.
He will ask for a seaweed sandwich which requires monkey skin and seaweed, this is where it's handy to either have runes or ranging gear. Kill one of the monkeys bouncing around, and use the skin on Tamayu. He will skin the monkey for you. You will receive monkey bones and skin save the bones and use the skin with some seaweed (can be found at the northern shore of the southern part of Karamja), you will have a seaweed sandwich, take this to Tinsay.
Next he will ask you for burnt Jorge bones marinated in karambwanji. How to do this is use Jorge bones on a furnace to burn them, use a raw karambwanji with mortar and pestle, then paste on the bones, the pasted bones on a range/stove and you'll have your very own set of marinated Jorge bones. Do not bury them. Take these bones back to Tinsay. He has now agreed to return after you help his brother and return so just 1 more person to help out.
Tiadeche is located on the east side of the river (cross the bridge), all the way to the north. He will only return if he has a Karambwan. This son won't accept offerings so hand him a karambwan vessel (with bait of course) to fish for himself. Now go back to Lubufu, and tell him that you need a new vessel. Once you have it, head back to Tinsay, and he will give you some crafting instructions, take these back to Tiadeche.
Now go speak to the father and the quest is complete.

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