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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: The Piscatoris Fishing Colony, a long way north-west of the Gnome Stronghold. Take a boat trip from the river just west of the Gnome Stronghold. Speak to Herman Caranos.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 15,000 Magic experience, 10,000 Prayer experience, 10,000 Fishing experience, 25,000 Coins, Access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, Ability to fish Monkfish, Song Unlocked: Last Stand, Song Unlocked: Making Waves.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: One Small Favour, Garden of Tranquility.
Required Skills: 100 Quest points, 66 Magic, 62 Cooking, 62 Fishing, 45 Smithing, 42 Firemaking, and 40 Crafting.
Monsters: Sea Troll (level 65), Sea Troll (level 87), Sea Trolls (level 101) and Sea Troll Queen (level 170).
NPC: Kathy Corkat, Devin Mendelberg, Herman Caranos, Wise Old Man, Arnold Lydspor, Franklin Caranos, Wizard Frumscone, Malignius Mortifer and Master Crafter.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Go west along the outside of the fence of the Gnome Stronghold, then head north from the hill giants you pass until you reach a river with a boat. You will see Kathy Corkat and Devin Mendelberg by the boat. Talk to Kathy and ask her to take you downstream. She will ask you for 50 gold pieces, but if you have your unlocked Ring of Charos, you can charm her to take you there free. After this she will take you to the island for free in the future. Move northwest from the row boat and talk to Herman Caranos. Ask him if you can help him and agree to do it. You will be asked to go fetch the Wise Old Man. Go to Draynor Village (Glory Amulet teleport recommended) and talk to him. He agrees to help you, but he needs five blood runes, ten lava runes and ten mist runes. You can make the lava and mist runes yourself or you can buy them from players. Blood runes can be bought from various rune shops or players, or dropped by monsters. After you bring him the runes, he will teleport to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony where you started the quest. Go to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and talk to Wise Old Man. If you have all your fighting equipment, tell him that you're ready to go on. After entering, you will be ambushed by level 79 Sea Trolls. Fight them and eventually they will stop coming from the sea. Kill all of them and proceed through the gate. The Wise Old Man will ask you to find Herman now. Go to the house on the eastern side of the town, east from the Furnace and talk to Herman. The Wise Old Man will teleport next to him and they will start discussing of ways to defend the colony. You are asked to help Franklin Caranos the engineer and Arnold Lydspor the storemaster. Franklin is near the colony gate, Arnold is in one of the big storage sheds. Here's how to help them:

Arnold Lydspor: After talking to Arnold he will give you a net. Now run to the northwest corner of the colony and catch five monkfishes. You will be attacked by level 65, 87 and 101 Sea Trolls while fishing. After you have caught five monkfishes, bring them to Arnold. He wants you to cook them. So, go to the southwestern corner and cook the monkfishes on the range. If you burn any, you can catch more from the same fishing spot. Bring Arnold five cooked monkfishes to make him satisfied.

Franklin Caranos: After talking to Franklin you will learn that you need to get five iron sheets, and he will give you a tinderbox. Grab a pickaxe and the hatchet from the utility heap to the southeast of Franklin. Now exit through the gates to the south and enter the hole to find an iron mining spot near the hole. Mine at least five iron ores and go back through the hole. Keep the pickaxe. Cut one log from the space between the gate and the hole and proceed to the Colony. Go to the furnace, smelt the iron ores into bars and then put your log in the firebox on the other side of the press and use your tinderbox on it. Now the press is hot enough to handle the iron bars. Use them on the press to make five iron sheets. Go talk to Franklin and he will give you a hammer. Now just go to the west side of the colony to the wall that is marked red on the minimap. Use the sheets on the broken parts of the wall to fix them. Now talk to Franklin and then Herman again.

Herman still has some work for you. Talk to him and he will ask you to go to the magic guild in Yanille and talk to the Wizard Frumscone on the bottom floor. He will not loan you his zombies, but gives you another name, Malignius Mortifer. You can find him wandering around a bit south from Falador. Note that you can now go to the top floor of the Wizard's Guild and take the south portal and you will be teleported to the Dark Wizard's Tower, which is southwest of Falador. When you talk to Malignius Mortifer he will ask you for seven normal bones. You can go a bit east to kill the chickens in the farm for the bones or kill guards on Falador gates for fast bones. After giving Maliginus the bones, he will ask you to go to the crafting guild and gives you a brown apron. Wear the apron and go west to the crafting guild. Talk to the Master Crafter with brown hair and he will tell you to make a pot with an airtight lid. Mine two spaces of clay from the mine in the guild, go pick a jug from one of the tables on the bottom floor, fill it with water and use it on both clays. Now use them on the pottery wheel and make one pot and one pot lid, then heat them in the pottery furnace. Now go back to Malignius. He will give you the bone seeds in your pot and teleport you back to the Colony. Go talk to Herman. Now, you will see some nice cutscenes of the fight. Finally, a big queen will appear and you have to fight it. The queen uses mainly magic attacks, so when fighting it is good to keep the protect from magic prayer on (if you have at least 37 prayer). Beware though, the queen can drain your prayer. The queen also uses melee attacks, though, so it is suggested that you either melee it with good armor and protect from mage, or you range it from a distance with protect from mage on. After killing the queen, walk back to Herman and talk to him to finish the quest.

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