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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to Sumona at Pollnivneach.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Quest Length: Short.
Reward: 5000 Slayer, access to a new Slayer Dungeon, Slayer Master and Slayer Incentives.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: The Restless Ghost, Icthlarin's Little Helper.
Required Skills: Level 25 Crafting, Level 35 Slayer, Level 85 Combat.
Required Items: Catspeak amulet, Ghostspeak amulet, Cat, Face mask, Earmuffs, Ranged weapon or attack runes.
Monsters: Mummy Warrior (Level 54) or Mighty Banshee (Level 90), Banshee Mistress (Level 111), Insectoid Assassin (Level 141).
NPC: Sumona, Catolax.

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Speak to Sumona in Pollnivneach. She can be found in a building just east of the player owned house portal in the north end of the city. Agree to help find her sister and then walk slightly south to the well within the nearby courtyard.

You must be wearing your Catspeak amulet at this point. Attempt to climb down the well and you will be interrupted by Ali Cat. He will warn you of the danger that lies down the well, as you cannot wear ear muffs and a face mask at the same time to protect yourself. Ali Cat will send you on a mission to seek out Catolax, a dead Slayer master.

Head to the Agility Pyramid by either taking the carpet to Sophanem and running east, or using your Pharaoh's sceptre to teleport to the Agility Pyramid. Alternatively players can run from Pollnivneach to Nardah across the river and then run south from there, if players have completed Spirits of the Elid the bank available in the city can be helpful during the quest. From the Agility Pyramid head south-east through the gap in the desert wall to the darkened area of swamp and push reeds as you walk north to the steps. Go up the steps. Make your way to the passage, with the water source (you can use this to fill your waterskins), and head north along the west wall and you will find a Sealed Door with the option to search.

When you first get into the tomb you will see a pickaxe stuck in the wall, remove it as you will need it later. You will need to have your cat following you for this step. At both sides of the room you will see a small hole in the wall, which is big enough for your cat to fit through. Send your cat through one of these holes and it will open the door to the side of the wall. Equip something that allows you to do a ranged attack. Run into the room that you have just opened and once you have killed the three skeletons that appear, destroy the broken door. You cannot destroy the door whilst being attacked, which is why you need to kill the skeletons. If you do not have ranged or magic attacks then just run in and do some damage to the door before the skeletons can attack, then keep running out and back in again until you have destroyed the door. Once the door is destroyed, progress through the tunnel.

It is possible to disable the traps, but it is difficult. One space behind each wall trap there is a very faint marking that has a 'Search wall' option, chose this and you can temporarily disable the nearby trap. If you fail to disable the traps they will do around 15 damage each time, you can run past all the traps and get straight into the final room whilst only taking damage from the traps once, this is not recommended but it is much quicker. When you reach the room at the end you will be attacked by four monsters, around level 50 combat, kill them all. You will then see a Mummy Warrior (Level 54) wake up out of the sarcophagus. It will drop a key, use this on the locked door next to you, this will allow you to pull the lever which will disable the remaining traps that you have not disabled (apart from the ones down the middle corridor). Make your way to the opposite room, search the tombs, then kill the four enemies again. Once again, kill the Mummy Warrior and unlock the door, then pull the lever..

Once you have pulled both levers, you will safely be able to make your down the middle corridor. Equip your Ghostspeak Amulet then talk to Catolax. You will learn how to combine earmuffs with face masks. To combine your Earmuffs and your facemask, select one of the item and use on the other item. This will produce Masked Earmuffs. Now you are ready to find Sumona's sister. Equip your Masked Earmuffs and make your way down the well, once down you will need to follow the north corridor, until you get to a room full of Mighty banshee (Level 90).

Head to the north of the room where you will see a long red barrier, at which you will need to kill a Mighty banshee and pick up its "Banshee voice" to pass. The ensuing battle is very difficult without the aid of range protection prayer. It is highly recommended that you use it to be able to easily conduct the fight. Once you pass the barrier, you will have a short talk then you will begin combat. You are first attacked by the Banshee mistress (Level 111) who will use magic and melee to attack you. Once she is at a low health, she will call the four Insectoid Assassins (Level 141) to attack you, they will use range. Once the Banshee mistress is dead, Jesmona will kill the four Insectoid Assassins. Return to Sumona to complete the quest.


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