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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 3500 Crafting, 3500 Runecrafting, 3500 Thieving, Promotion to Temple Knight Proselyte.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Sea Slug, Wanted!.
Required Skills: Level 30 Crafting, Level 30 Runecrafting, Level 30 Slayer, Level 30 Thieving.
Required Items: Comm Orb, one Swamp paste, 10+ Essence, Chisel, means to access mind and 4 elemental runecrafting altars (talismans, tiaras, or use of Abyss), equipment to fight level 62 melee monster.
Monsters: Giant Lobsters (level 45), Slug Prince (level 62).
NPC: Bailey, Brother Maledict, Col. O'Niall, Ezekial Lovecraft, Jeb, Jorral, Holgart, Mayor Hobb, Mother Mallum, Savant, Sir Tiffy Cashien.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien to start the quest and receive an updated Commorb. He will tell you to go meet Col. O'niall in Witchaven and use the password "in Falador, the geese fly backwards on Tuesday." Head to Witchaven which is just east of the dock in Ardougne and speak to Col. O'niall who can be found on the Eastern dock. Use all the speaking options. You will be told to talk to 3 people, Mayor Hobb, Brother Maledict, and Holgart. Speak to Brother Maledict first, who can be found in the centre of Witchaven in the Chapel. Use all the speaking options with him and then make your way to Mayor Hobbs located just West of the Chapel. Speak to him and say that you're there to relax, then use all the remaining options. Finally make your way to Holgart just to the North then return to Col. O'niall.

When you tell Col' O'niall the news he will tell you to investigate the Shrine. Head west a bit and you'll see a dungeon icon on your map head into the ruins. Search the wall there and push it open then walk through. Make your way through the corridor to the Imposing Doors. Do not touch the door. Simply walk up next to it and Savant will tell you to scan it with your Commorb. Once you do this you will be given a scroll to take to Jorral. Pick up a Dead Sea Slug from beside the door. Jorral can be found Northwest of Ardougne at the Outpost near the Arandar pass. Speak to him and after conversing for a bit he will give you information about the scroll and its meanings. Once you leave the outpost Savant will contact you again on the Commorb and tell you to ask the Witchaven townspeople for clues.

Return to Witchaven and speak to Col. O'niall. He suggests speaking Brother Maledict again. When you get near the Chapel you will see a cutscene with Mayor Hobb saying "Welcome to the family" and leaving Brother Maledict. When you speak to him you will notice that he too is under the sea slugs spell. He tells you to recover 3 missing Saradomin pages. The first page can be found in Mayor Hobb's desk by searching it. The second can be attained by speaking to Ezekial Lovecraft in the fishing shop. The final page is received from Col. O'niall, although it is in 3 pieces and you must repair it. Attempt to use swamp paste on the pages to bond them and Savant will stop you and tell you that Bailey on the fishing platform will know a method that won't destroy the pages. Speak to Jeb to get to the fishing platform. Bring your Dead Sea Slug with you, if you haven't already picked one up get it from the Imposing Doors in the Ruins from earlier. Speak to Bailey who can be found West once you get to the fishing platform. He will give you a glue in exchange for your dead sea slug. Use this glue on the torn page and you will get an interface to place the pages together. The page with the Red star should be at the very top, the long triangle piece goes underneath it on the left, and the smaller piece fits in between them on the right. Just line them up right and you will have a complete page.

Now you must shape rune essence or pure essence. To do this right click a page with your essence and a chisel in your inventory and go to "make (rune)" make 3-5 of each type (fire, water, air, earth and mind) you can fail this step destroying your essence so have extra essence ready. Once you have all 5 shapes you can go to each of their altars and use them on the altar to enchant them. You can also fail this step, if you do then your shaped essence will be destroyed. Once you have all of you Shapes enchanted return to the ruins and the Imposing Doors. Be prepared to fight. It won't be difficult because it is only a level 62 monster but armor should be used and also some food if you are of a low combat level. Use all 5 shapes on the door and it will open revealing a cutscene followed by a battle with a Slug Prince (Lvl. 62). Note that ranged attacks will not work on the Slug Prince. After you defeat him there will be another cutscene where Savant saves you by teleporting you out before the Mother Mallum can take over your brain. You will end up in Falador park next to Sir Tiffy Cashien. Speak to him to finish the quest.


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