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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: To start the quest go to the far south end of Karamaja. You will have to fight your way through jungle spiders, jogres, snakes and monkeys! Cross the slippery log and the stepping stones. Talk to Mosol Rei. He will say Rashiliyia, the queen of the dead, has returned.
Quest difficulty level: Hard.
Reward: 3,915 Crafting exp.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: Level 32 agility, level 20 crafting and must have completed jungle potion quest.
Introduction: This quest has lots of bad things that seem to want you dead... so I would strongly recommend you bring armour and food. Also bring a spade (which can be found in Draynor Mansion) bring a rope and a lit candle or torch (you can buy these at the general store by Trufitus).

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Trufitus: Go to Trufitus with the wampum belt that Mosol rei gave you then tell him that you'll help find the temple.
The temple: Go to the east side of the island and walk south along the coast till you find a log. Cross it and continue southward. To the west you should see a collection of rocks and a mound of earth. Dig there with your spade. You'll discover a fissure. Use your candle on the fissure (it will burn out) then use the rope on it and climb down. Work your way past a few undead ones till you see a "cave in". Search it then wiggle into it. Search the 'loose rocks' at the first corner and you will get a scroll. Now go down further and you will find some sacks. Search these and get another scroll. Right at the end of the tunnel you find some gallows, search it and you receive some remains. There are two ways to get out, either go back to where the broken table is and make a raft from it or go to the end of the path and click on the rocks. Now go back to Trufitus.
Trufitus: Use the scrolls and remains on him. Then read the scrolls yourself. Now go to the statue near Trufitus hut and bury the remains. A ghost will pop up - listen to him and he will give you a bone shard. Go back and tell Trufitus that you buried the remains, he will then tell you about a tomb you have to find.
Tomb of Bervirius: Trufitus will tell you about a tomb that lies south west of his hut. Go there. You'll have to climb up a rock cliff and cross a rope bridge to get to an island. Go down the side and search the rocks. Once you've climbed in go to the back of the room and search the table. Here you will find the hilt to a sword and a locating crystal. Search it again to find a blue scroll. Climb the rocks and return to Trufitus. Use the items you have found on him and he'll tell you to make a bronze necklace.
Necklace: To make the necklace go to the general store north of the anvil and buy a chisel, bronze bar, hammer. Use chisel on the pummbel to get beads. Use the bronze bar on the anvil and make bronze wire. Use the beads with the wire to make beads of the dead.
Tomb of Rashillya: Go across the slippery log once more. Once you get off the log go north, there you will fine some bright palm trees, search them to find a doorway (make sure you are wearing the beads of the dead) once you reveal the doors you need to use the bone shard on them... it will say it does not fit, now you can use your chisel on the bone shard to get the bone key. Use the key on the door and enter (make sure you have armour and food) go through the gate and climb down the rocks. Get ready to run... keep going west until you find tomb doors. Kill a few zombies and skeletons to get 3 bones. Use them all on the door then open it. Be prepared to fight a level 91, 68 and 93. Look at the tomb dolmen and the ground will shake. You have to fight 3 consecutive battles. After you defeat them all Rashillya's bones will appear on the table. Take them.
Quest completion: Take the remains to Trufitus and he tells you to look over your artefacts. Take the remains to the tomb of Bervirius and set Rashillya's bones on the tomb dolmen.

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