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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Father Reen, South from Al Kharid Bank.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Darklight Sword, 10,000 exp in a combat skill of your choice.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Demon Slayer and The Golem quest.
Required Skills: Level 30 Crafting.
Required Items: Silverlight, pestle and a mortar, empty vial, Desert shirt and Desert Robes(or black dragonhide body and chaps), Black Wizards Hat(or black mystic hat) and a Silver ore/bar.
Suggested Items: Some food and good melee equipment.
Monsters: Agrith Naar (level 100).
NPC: Father Reen, Father Badden, Evil Dave, Denath, Matthew Tanya, Eric, Jennifer and Patrick.

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First of all you need to talk to Father Reen located south from Al Kharid bank. Tell him that you are the one he seeks and accept to help him. If you do not have a silverlight, he will give it to you. Head out to Shantay pass, get your silverlight from the bank chest if you haven’t got it yet. Buy a pass and continue to the desert. If possible, use the magic carpet to get to Uzer. Otherwise keep walking east until you reach Uzer. Talk to Father Badden who is located in the ruins. Ask him what you need to do. He needs you to infiltrate the group of Denath. Go east and downstairs from the ruins. Go north to the gates and talk to Evil Dave. Ask him if you can join to the group and tell him that you are evil. He says you don’t look evil. Grab some black mushrooms down there and use one of them on your silverlight. You need some more evil clothes and wear at least two of them with just your black silverlight. You can dye the desert clothes with black dye by using pestle and mortar on a black mushroom when you have a vial in your inventory. Wear your evil clothes and talk to Evil Dave. He will let you inside the Throne Room. Note: You don’t need to use the evil clothes after this to get to the Throne Room. You will now see a short cut-scene and you get to talk to Denath. Ask him what you need to do. He will tell you an incantation that differs between players. Memorize the incantation or write it down. Talk to Matthew, ask him about everything and he should tell you about a book and what happened to Josef. Then talk to Jennifer and ask for the demonic sigil mould. Go to Al Kharid. Use your silver ore on the furnace and craft a Demonic Sigil Mould. Go back to Uzer and ask the Golem about last night. He will tell you that he saw Josef hide the book in one of the broken kilns. Rotate among the 4 searchable kilns in the desert. Search them until you find the book. Take it to the Throne room to Matthew. Once you have talked to him, the ritual will commence. Take your place in the circle in the empty place. Start the chanting by right clicking the Demonic Sigil. Choose the chant-option and say the incantation that you memorized or wrote down earlier. You will now see some cut-scenes and you are asked to get the people remaining back to the circle. Instead you will need to pick up the sigils of those people. Go outside to see Tanya die. Ask Evil Dave to go back to the throne. Go out and talk to the monks. After convincing they accept to take part in the summoning. The Golem won’t come before you, go back downstairs, get the Strange Implement from the northwest corner and use it on him. Go back through the portal and talk to Matthew. Get yourself prepared to fight a level 100 demon. The demon uses magic and melee that you can’t run away from. Tell him that you are ready. This time say the chant another way around and Agrith Naar will appear. Kill him from close range. Note: If you try to get away from him he will teleport you back next to him. Once you have killed him you're done.. This completes the quest..

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