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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: On the top floor of Sorcerer's Tower, south of Seer's Village.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Thormac the Sorcerer will enchant battle staves for you (costs 40.000 gp), and 6625 strenght exp.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required: Skills: 31 prayer. Items: Dusty Key.

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Thormac the Sorcerer tells you his scorpions has escaped and gives you a cage to catch them. He advises you to talk to the Seer at Seer's Village, to find where the first scorpion is located.
First Scorpion: The Seer will give you a clue where to find the first scorpion. It is in the member's dungeon between Black Demons and Poison spiders. Check to find the strange looking wall, push it and catch the scorpion with cage.
Dusty Key: You need to kill the Jailer in the member's dungeon to get some keys, use the keys on the adventurer’s cage to free him. Talk with the Adventurer and you will get as reward Dusty Key.
Second Scorpion: Go back to see the Seer and he will tell you another clue about the Barbarian Outpost. This is north from where you start the dwarf cannon quest. Talk to the guard there and he will say you have to prove yourself as a Barbarian and gives you a Barcrawl Certificate, that has to be signed by all the bars listed on it (if you have already completed this don’t worry).
Bar Crawl:
BlueMoon Inn: In Varrock, east of the sword shop.
Blurberry's Bar: In the Grand Tree (Gnome Stronghold), go up to the first floor and to the east.
Dead Man's Chest: This is in the southern end of Brimhaven.
Dragon Inn: South-west Yanille.
Flying Horse Inn: Westhern part of East Ardougne.
Foresters Arms: In Seer's Village, west of the bank.
Jolly Boar Inn: North-east of Varrock, near the wilderness.
Karamja Spirits Bar: On Karamja, east of the general store.
Rising Sun Inn: In Falador, north of the White Knights Castle.
Rusty Anchor Inn: Northern part of Port Sarim.
Guard: Go back to see the Guard and he will let you into the Outpost. Look around and you will see a scorpion, catch it with your cage.
Third Scorpion: Go back to see the Seer again and he will give you your last clue. The clue is the scorpion is in a room with brown clothes. You find the third scorpion upstairs at the Monastery north of Falador. You have to have level 31 Prayer to enter. Catch the last scorpion and go back to Thormac the Sorcerer.

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