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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: North of Port Phasmatys.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Holy Wrench, 7000 Prayer Experience, 7000 Fishing Experience, 7000 Farming Experience.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: Level 40 Farming, Level 50 Fishing, Level 47 Prayer, Level 42 Crafting, Level 42 Slayer
Required Skills Items: There appear to be no items required for this quest.
Required Quests: Zogre Flesh Eaters.
Monsters: Fever Spider (Level 49), Evil Spirit (Level 150).
NPC: Pirate Pete, Captain Braindeath, Captain Donnie and Davey.

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Teleport to Port Phasmatys with your ectophial, or walk by going East from Canifis. Don’t enter the port but go to the Northeastern tip of it to find Pirate Pete and talk to him. Offer to help by killing the demon. Reject the money and tell him that you will do it for free. You get knocked out and transferred to an island with a little cutscene. You talk to Captain Braindeath. He briefs you about your mission, and wants you to grow some Blindweed for him and you get the seeds. Go downstairs to the cellar of the house and and search the cupboard in the Southeastern-most corner to find a rake, seed dibber and watering can. Go back up upstairs and walk South to the farming grounds. right-click on the swabs and choose intimidate. If they attack you, just run behind any obstacle and intimidate them from a distance. Now they will hopefully leave you alone. Plant the blindweed and wait for it to grow. Once it’s ready, pick it and go talk to Captain Braindeath. Go upstairs to the Northwestern part of the house. Use your blindweed with the hopper and go back to Captain Braindeath and talk to him. Captain Braindeath tells you to get stagnant water from the volcano to the North. Pick up the bucket from the ground, and go downstairs to the Southern part of the house. Go around the fence from the North side and run West until you come to a bridge. Try to open the gate, and you will make a great diversion to get past the guard. Run North and up the mountain to the stagnant water. Use your bucket on it. Go back to the brewery and use your bucket of stagnant water on the hopper where you put the blindweed. Talk to Captain Braindeath again and he will give you a fishbowl and a net. Go back downstairs and go to the Southeastern tip of the island. Fish at the fishing spot until you catch five Karamthulhu and sluglings. Fill the pressure barrel on the top floor of the brewery with your catches until it’s full. Then pull the pressure lever and check back with Captain Braindeath. He will tell you that the brewery is possessed, and will give you a wrench. Talk to Davey in the Western part of the house. He will bless your wrench if you have level 47 prayer. After getting the wrench blessed, go back to the main house and use your blessed wrench on the Brewing Control there. Kill the level 150 Evil Spirit and talk to the Captain once more. Now he needs the last ingredient for his rum, and he asks you to kill a diseased Fever Spider. Wear protective slayer gloves, which you can get from any slayer master and go to the cellar and kill a Fever Spider. If you do get diseased, you can heal yourself with Relicym’s Balm. Pick up the dead spider’s body and go back to the hopper. Put the Fever Spider into the hopper. Talk to Captain Braindeath once more and you will see the rum come down. Use your empty bucket on the Output Tap, which is located on the Southern part of the brass brewing machine, to get the rum. Go downstairs and South. Look for Captain Donnie in the zombie crowd and talk to him. He will drink the rum and tell the name of his boss. Go back to Captain Braindeath. After a short dialogue he will reward you. This completes the quest..

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