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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Speak to Advisor Ghrim in the Miscellanian palace on the second floor.
Quest difficulty level: Hard.
Reward: 5,000 agility experience, 5000 hitpoints experience, 5000 slayer experience, 20000 gold, increased resources from Miscellania.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Throne of Miscellania.
Required Skills: Level 40 Agility, Level 40 Slayer.
Required Items: 5 coals, antipoison potions.
Monsters: Giant Sea Snake (level 149).
NPC: Advisor Ghrim, Prince Brand, Princess Astrid, King Vargas, Queen Sigrid, Thorodin the dwarf, Frodi, Gunnhild, Leif, Magnus, Donal.

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The begin the quest speak with Advisor Ghrim who is located on the second floor of Miscellania palace. You will learn that the King Vargas is going to declare war against the queen again. He will then ask you to talk to Prince Brand and Princess Astrid regarding the situation. When you talk to either of them they will tell you they want you to get the king and queen to marry each other. Talk to King Vargas. He will tell you how some villagers have lost their resources. After this you need to talk to one of the following people in Miscellania: Frodi, fishing at the docks; Gunnhild, gardener just outside the palace; Leif, slightly east of palace cutting maples; or Magnus, mining coal north-east of the palace. Now you must go to Etceteria and speak with Queen Sigrid. She'll tell you how her citizens have had items stolen. Talk to any villager and he will tell you it was Miscellanian soldiers who stole their items. Go back to King Vargas and tell him the story. He will tell you to speak with Advisor Ghrim. Advisor Ghrim will tell you it's must be outlanders stealing and asks you to speak to the Sailor at the docks. The sailor will tell you some kids from Rellekka were visiting relatives in the dungeon. Now you will need to talk to the king once again for access to the dungeon. He will give you a scroll that grants you passage. Once in the dungeon, head north and speak with Thorodin. He will tell you that a worker, Donal, saw a monster. To investigate further, speak with Donal at the pub which is east of the dungeon. He will tell you that he saw a monster with large teeth and big red eyes. He wants you to deal with the monster and tell you how he got in. He will also give you a mining prop. Go back to where Thorodin is and you will see a crevice in the wall. Use your mining prop and squeeze through. Now you will be in a small room with some crates and an engine. Take 3 ropes, 3 beams, and 3 pulley-beams and 1 engine. Use one of the pulley beams with the scaffold. Use a pulley beam 2 beams to get a longer pulley beam and use this on the scaffold. Use another pulley beam on the scaffold and then use one rope on it. Use your last beam with the platform and then use the engine on the engine platform. Now use your rope on the platform, and then use five coals on the engine and go up. Take the plank and enter the tunnel. Now go east until you reach the river. Use your rope on the rocks and jump over. You can see some fire remains. Search them and get a diary page. Now use your planks with the rocks to get over. Follow the path and collect diary pages from the fire remains as you go. At the end of the path you will see a crevice. Go through and you will see a cutscene. They will tell you that they hide the crates and barrel a safe place. But when they came back a giant snake have made a nest out of the barrel and crates. They want you to kill it. Now continue north, don't waste your time on the snakes (level 62 and level 90, NOT aggressive). At the end you will see a crevice. If you're smart, use protect from melee before you go through. Now you have to kill the level 149 Giant snake. NOTE: He is aggressive and will poison you! When you have defeated it, he drops a giant bone, a Heavy box and another item. Go back through the crevice and at the light there will come a rope. Climb up and you will go talk to the Queen. She will give you a letter and 20k. You can either go and give the letter to the king or read it to finish the quest.

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