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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Talk to Islwyn inside the elfen woods.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: A used crystal bow or shield, 10,000 strength experience.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Skills: Must be able to defeat a level 84 without weapons, runes or armour.
Required advantage skills: Level 40-43 prayer (protect from missiles and protect from Melee).
Required Items: Anti poison potion, food, attack, strength or defence potions are an advantage, Glarial’s pebble, Glarial’s amulet are an advantage.
Required Quests: Regicide quest and the Waterfall quest.
Monsters: Moss giant (level 84)
NPC: Islwyn (main quest npc), Eluned.

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Items for this part:
Anti poison and some food. 
Description: To start off, go the quick route to Arandar, you can find this on your map, it’s located south-west of the gnome stronghold and north east of Ardougne. From the big gates, follow the road that leads south. You will pass some dire wolfs. Continue south over a balance log and then over some jump-leaves. Further south you will find a trap-wire, step over it, if you get hit, you’ll also be poisoned so drink some anti-poison. You will run into some dire wolfs. Run past them and you’ll find two elves. Talk to the male one, Islwyn. Tell him the truth, then tell him you will help him.

If you have the pebble in your bank you can skip this part, otherwise you will have to go to the gnome village. The gnome village is the maze on the map, a quicker way is the teleportation tree inside the gnome stronghold. From here, go to the dungeon mark on the map. Go down and to the west. You will find an old man. Talk to him and get the pebble.

Items for this part:
Glarial’s pebble, food. Do not take any armour, weapons or runes.
Description: You will need to do this if you have the amulet as well. Make sure you have your prayer points filled if you plan on using magic or melee protection. Look on your world map for a house south of the Baxtorian Falls, it’s east of the gnome stronghold and north of Ardougne. From here head a little north east until you see a small stone path leading to a tombstone. Use your pebble with the tombstone to get down. If it says that nothing happens, you are carrying an item that is not allowed down there, like a piece of armour, a weapon or some runes. Otherwise, you will be teleported into the tomb. Use any potions right here and put your prayer on, now run to the next room and you will find yourself attacked by a level 84 moss giant. He uses a combined magic and melee attack, so he hits with both in one hit. This means that either of these blocks will get his damage down, but not stop him completely. Kill him with your bare hands to get the consecration seed. If you don’t have glarial’s amulet, head further west to a chest, quickly open and search it with left clicks, since there is another moss giant here. Run back to where you started and up the ladder. You will have to go all the way back to the quest start and talk to Eluned. She will enchant your seed.

Items for this part:
Rope, Glarial’s amulet, spade, some food and something to teleport with.
Description: Take all the items for this part and go to the starting location of the waterfall quest. It’s in the house north-west of the tomb where you got the pebble. Go to the west outside the house to find a raft. Use the raft to get down the river. You will crash halfway. Go to the south of your little island and you will see a rock with a “swim to” option. Don’t use this, use your rope on the rock instead. Here you will see a dead tree. Use your rope on that as well. You will find a door, go through it. From here, take the path to the eastern room. Go to the creates located the furthest to the north. Search them to find a key. Now go back to the main room and then west. Go past the fire giants to a locked door. Use your key on it to get through. You will find another key on the floor here. Pick it up and use it on the next door to the north. You will be inside the room where you finished the waterfall quest. Go to the urn and left-click the seed while standing next to it. You will dig a hole, bury the seed and see a small crystal tree growing. It will disappear right away. Either teleport out or walk outside the waterfall and get inside the barrel there.

Go back to Islwyn to claim your reward. You can pick either a crystal bow or shield as part of the reward. This completes the quest.

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