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Romeo and Juliet Quest STRATEGY

Starting location: Juliet's house, which you will find to the west of Varrock.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Quest points gained: 5.
Required Items: Cadaver berries. You will find these berries south-east of Varrock.

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Talk to Juliet on her balcony to learn about her love situation with Romeo and the problems that have occurred. She asks you to take a message to Romeo in Varrock square. The square is the middle of Varrock where you will see a couple of stalls.
Find Romeo in the crowd to learn what he wrote in his letter. He will tell you to talk to Father Lawrence. Father Lawrence is located in a church north east of Varrock square.
The Father will tell you a special potion called the Cadaver potion must be made. He sends you to the apothecary, you can find him in the south-western part of Varrock. Once you have the berries, go to the apothecary and talk to him to get the Cadaver potion to be made.
Take the potion back to Juliet and she will thank you for saving her and tells you to tell Romeo about her plans for them to be together forever. Talk to Romeo for the final time and tell him that Juliet has the potion and he needs to go and restore her. But Romeo doesn’t understand quite completely and thinks his soul mate is dead and lost forever.

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