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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to Bill Teach at Mos Le'Harmless or Port Phasmatys.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Quest Length: Long.
Reward: .25000 Agility, 25000 Crafting, 25000 Smithing, 25000 Thieving, access to pirate implings, access to the evidence lockers in the prison, free access to the Brimhaven Agility Arena, ability to keep an ex-ex-parrot pet.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: The Great Brain Robbery.
Required Skills: Level 60 Agility, Level 63 Thieving, Level 66 Crafting, Level 69 Smithing.
Required Items: Pirate bandana, stripy pirate shirt, pirate leggings, pirate boots, Book o' Piracy, 2 bronze wires, hammer, ghostspeak amulet, 25 ecto-tokens, charcoal, diving apparatus, fishbowl helmet, 20 coins.
Monsters: Customs Officer (Level 35).
NPC: Bill Teach, Customs Sergeant, Young Ralph, Redbeard Frank, 50 Ships Mufassah, Captain Brass Hand Harry, Brother Tranquility, Ghost Captain, Captain Braindeath, Bartender, Captain Donnie, 50% Luke, Cap'n Izzy No-Beard.

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Speak with Bill Teach and ask him about Rabid Jack. He'll tell you to go meet with Young Ralph, who's been locked up in "The Rock" prison just off of Karamja. Buy a set of pirate clothing at Mos Le'Harmless and then head to Rimmington. Talk to the customs officer and convince him you're a pirate. The customs officer will ask you about about a ship and the answers to his questions can be found on a noticeboard outside the customs office. He will finally agree that you're a pirate, and will ask you to put all your stuff in the nearby locker. These items will go into your bank. Once you've stored your inventory and equipment, you'll be placed under arrest and taken to The Rock.

You now need to figure out a way to talk to Young Ralph who is in the cell next to yours. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Shout through the barred window to try and talk to Young Ralph
  • Pick up the tin cup and use it on jail door thrice at which point the guard will throw stew at your shirt.
  • Tap/listen to the pipe near the jail window and you'll receive a pipe.
  • Talk to the guard to get an ink bottle and some paper.
  • Search for the accordion in the rubble.
  • Use the ink bottle on the paper.
  • Use the ink bottle on the sharp rock.
  • Use the sharp bottle on the accordion.
  • Use the pipe on the accordion.
  • Use the inky paper on the accordion.
  • Lay out the shirt with stew on it on the perch rock.
  • Use the newly made vacuum on the seagull.
  • Use the vacuum containing the seagull on Ralph's jail window!
  • Shout through the barred window

Young Ralph will explain to you that he cannot tell you the story of Rabid Jack because you're not a true pirate. He explains further that you will need to obtain five marks from five pirate captains. The five pirate captains are Captain Izzy No-Beard, Redbeard Frank, Captain Donnie, Brass Hand Harry, and Bill Teach. Go to the east side of the island and dive off the pier to get off the island.

Get off the island and go to the Brimhaven Agility Arena. Speak to Captain Izzy and ask for his mark. Go back to the prison by talking to the customs officer in Rimmington. Once you're at the jail, retrieve the lockpicks from under the mattress. Go upstairs, kill a Customs Officer (Level-35) and wear the uniform and scimitar he drops. Talk at the door and ask for evidence. Find the file for Captain Izzy's friend, then give it to the officer in the same room. You will receive the brooch. Escape and return to Captain Izzy to get his mark.

Go to Port Sarim and talk to Redbeard Frank; ask for his mark. Go to Mos Le'Harmless and ask Brother Tranquility for a letter. Take the letter back to Redbeard Frank, who will say it's not good enough proof. You will then ask if a letter from one of Captain Donnie's men would count, to which Frank says yes.

Head to Braindeath Isle and talk to Captain Donnie by the farming patch (you need to be wearing your pirate clothing when you talk to him). He'll give you half a set of orders, and will inform you that the other half was "accidentally" carved into 50% Luke's leg. If you did not bring charcoal with you then you can get some by going through the gate behind 50% Luke and searching the crates behind him. Use the order form on 50% Luke's leg with charcoal in your inventory to take a rubbing. Take this back to Redbeard Frank to get his mark.

Talk to Bill Teach in Mos Le'Harmless, then climb upstairs at the inn to talk to 50 Ships Mufassah. Mufassah will tell you that the idol of many heads is still on the last ship he sank, off the coast of Dragontooth Isle. Grab your Ghostspeak amulet, diving gear and ecto-tokens; then head off to Port Phasmatys. Head off into the docks to the north and speak to the Ghost Captain to be taken to Dragontooth Island. Dive at the anchor to the north-east, then swim to the front of the ship. There will be a Karamthulu swimming around with a key; catch it and take the key. Climb aboard the ship, go up the stairs and retrieve the crowbar from the chest. Take it into the base of the ship and use the crowbar to free the idol from the debris. Take the idol back to Bill Teach.

Brass Hand Harry won't talk to you unless you have first spoken to Bill teach, so do that now. Then, Harry will tell you he needs you to make a spare hand for him to print with his mark. He will give you broken hands for you to pull apart and make a new one. Break each piece up, then use your bronze wire on the pieces and an interface will pop up. Rotate and position each piece into place to complete the hand. Talk to Brass Hand Harry again, and he'll give you an ink pad and paper. Use the hand on the ink pad, then the paper. Show the mark to Harry and he'll give his approval.

Speak to Captain Braindeath. He asks that, in exchange for his mark, you convince the barman of the Rusty Anchor to stock his "rum." He will also give you a number of disguises to help. Go to Port Sarim and ask the Barman for some "rum.". The Barman will say he doesn't stock it because there isn't enough demand. You must convince him otherwise. First, talk to the Barman and choose the option "I'll have a drink... And you have one too!" Keep doing this until the Barman is drunk. Then run outside and put on one of the disguises. Come back in and ask for "rum." Do this for each of the disguises, then take them off and talk to the Barman again. He'll give you an order form for "rum". Take this to Captain Braindeath, who'll give you his mark.

Once you have all five marks, head back to the customs office in Rimmington. Talk to the customs officer, and you will ask for a folder for your "confession." Hand it to the officer, then get incarcerated once more. Break out of your cell with the lockpick, steal another customs uniform and go upstairs into the evidence room. Talk to the locker officer and ask for your own file to get the marks. Go back into your cell and talk at the barred window to hand them to Young Ralph. Young Ralph will then tell you the tale of Rabid Jack. Enjoy the cutscene, and the quest is complete.


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