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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Get a messenger from King Lathas (after completing underground pass).
Difficulty level: Hard.
Reward: 15k cash, around 13.000-15.000 agility exp. Access to west Runescape where you can buy Halberds.
Quest points gained: 3.
Required: You must have completed underground pass, be able to beat a level 110 creature.
Required Skills: 56 agility (higher preferred), high thieving preferred (for underground pass part).
Required Items: Pickaxe, hatchet, tinderbox, lots of food (the higher the better), a cure poison potion, bow, arrow (maybe 2) (bronze will do), spade and rope, also take either a charged drag. ammy or some teleport runes, and good armour (to beat the level 110) 5-7 coal, pestle and mortar, pot, shears or 4 balls of wool.
Monsters: Rabbits (level 2), Tyras Guard (level 110)
NPC: King Lathas, King Tyras, Koftic, Lord Lorwerth, Tracker, General.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..


After you get the messenger, go to King Lathas in his castle in East Ardougne. He will tell you to kill his brother and find a fast way to west Runescape instead of underground pass. To start, take the following items from bank: Pickaxe, hatchet, tinderbox, lots of food (the higher the better), bow, arrow (maybe 2) (bronze will do), spade and rope, also take either a charged dragon amulet or some teleport runes, and good armour (to beat the level 110).
Now go to the underground pass and go inside. On the sides you will see some rocks, climb over them, and then continue your way climbing more rocks. You'll find Koftic here, talk to him. Koftic will give you a wet piece of clothing, use an arrow with it, use the clothed arrow on the fire and you will get a lit arrow. Now you need to shoot the lit arrow at the guide rope on the bridge across the river. To do this go into the room to the north with your bow and arrow equipped. Make sure you're not standing against the fences or it'll say "can't reach that" when you attempt to fire at the guide rope. Fire the guide rope and you'll walk across the bridge, from here continue west, until you reach a gap, use the rope on a rock above it and swing over.
If you continue along the path, you'll find some grids on the ground. Take the one most to your right to start on, then walk up one, walk one to the left, and then just all the way up towards the gate. Pull the lever there and you'll go through the gate. Run on disabling some traps using strange signs on the walls.
After this go down the well in the next room, run on and go into the first cell. Here use your spade on the mud or just left click spade when standing in front of it. Continue on your way and you will find a ledge. Balance on it and then continue past some zombies. After these you'll find 3 paladins, ignore all these creatures and just run on until you find a gate, go through it.
Now go south to the middle way into the maze, just keep going south jumping some holes, and you'll see some Iban disciples, go their way, you don't need ropes so leave them be, go up the stairs into the temple, then talk to Koftic, after this go down the well. Make sure you get some prayer here you'll need it later on.
From here, run north, you'll be approached by an elf, which is shot by 2 others. These others will tell you to go to a camp north-west. It's pretty close. Just run to the west, then south over some leaves, make sure you either right-click and select jump or left-click jump them, instead of simply running over. You might fail a few times and it'll hit you 15 so be very careful. Now, head further west, but not yet north, in the west you'll find another trap, try to make it across. After this, head north towards another jump-leaves hole, if you’re low on health and food already, don't pass it yet, in the south are a few rabbits, kill some and cook their meat, it heals 5 hp.
After you're passed the leaves, head north, to the balance log, walk over it into the camp, find Lord Lorwerth of the camp and talk to him. After this, head south again, back over the balance log and past the first leaves, keep going south, kill some more rabbits for food if you need it. Now go east until you find the tracker, he'll ask you for proof that you are to be trusted, for this, head back to the camp and talk to Lord Lorwerth again. He'll give you a pendant.
Take this pendant to the tracker, he'll tell you some stuff about searching tracks, go west to find some footprints and follow them, after this talk to the tracker once more and he'll tell you how to follow the footprints, you no longer need the pendant (more space for rabbit meat). Now you can pass ALL dense forest you'll find. So go back to the footprints and walk through the dense forest, be careful! This is the point where you get attacked by a level 110 Tyras guard, get good health first, make sure your prayer is up and feel free to use it all at this point.
If you kill the guard, continue to the west, you'll find 4 yew trees, you won't need them for the quest but they make a great spot to train firemaking. Now head north, you can step over the trap-wire. You can still be hit by the arrows, which will hit 5 twice (so 10 total) and poison you! If you brought a cure poison potion, use a dose, if not, just let the poison wear out but watch your health carefully.
Now continue past some bears, if you have a reasonable combat level and have your good armour just kill them for some food if you want, otherwise head on, ignore the catapult for now and head south through dense forest, talk to the general in the camp. He won't give you anything, just talk. If you have inventory space, then take some barrels from here (one should do but two or three would be a lot safer). Also, there is a general shop here that sells all halberds, including dragon (for 320k!) Now head back to Lord Lorwerth, and he'll give you a book. It'll tell you to go to a chemist but don't do so yet!
First, head east through some dense forest, you'll find a city, leave it be and head further east, until you find some jump-leaves, jump them (there aren't any rabbits here so take plenty of food for your trip back). After this head further east, you'll see two dire wolfs, run behind the white rocks so they can't attack you. Mine these rocks for limestone, take 2 of them.
Now head to the tracker, south of him you'll find a swamp. Use your barrel with it to get swamp tar (if you have more barrels, fill them all). Next to this you'll see some sulphur, take one. Now use your teleport runes or dragon amulet to get back to the civilized world. Before you go to the chemist, take about 5-7 coal, your book and the tar barrel, if you have 10-13 coal you can take it as well, the more the easier it'll be but you won't actually need it all.
Now go to the west of Rimmington, to the chemist, he'll read your book. Then just walk away or click the I won't bother trying option. Go outside his house to the still. To operate the still, read the following part totally before trying it!
Use your tar barrel on the still, a window will pop up, you can turn the right heat valve up once, by pressing to the right of it, right after this turn the left pressure valve up once, then the heat again, then the pressure again, this will give you the best situation to work with, now it's easy, just click the furnace to add coal and see the heat arrow on the right go up. You don't have to push it all the way in the beginning, be careful not to push it past the green. If you have plenty of coal, don't even let it reach the green part to start with, the tar will be slowly completed anyway, you can see this on the green status bar filling. You'll slowly have to get the heat higher to keep it going. If you succeed, you'll get naphtha, use your empty barrel with the still to get it out.
Now head to Falador bank, get your pestle and mortar and a pot. Use your pestle and mortar on the sulphur to grind it and then add it to the barrel. Now make sure you have your pot in your inventory. Then use your limestone on the furnace, grind the result but remember, without a pot you'll spill it all and will have to get more! After this, use it on the barrel, you should now have a barrel bomb.
Get some shears from the bank to shear four sheep for their wool and use it on a spinning wheel, or of course just get 4 balls of wool from your bank. Make sure you have four! Now put everything you don't need back, all you'll need is: barrel bomb, rope, bow, arrow, spade, hatchet, tinderbox, the 4 balls of wool, charged amulet of glory/teleport runes, some food for damage taken from traps and maybe 2 doses of cure poison and if you wish to buy a dragon halberd, bring 325k. You won't actually need your armour, I took it but I really could've used some more energy so try to leave it and just take a weapon (for rabbits).
Head back through the underground pass, consult earlier parts of this guide if it gives you any trouble. Go to the camp of Lord Lorwerth (the elven camp). You'll find a loom in 1 of the tents, use your wool on it. Use the cloth you get on your barrel bomb.
Now head in the direction of the tracker, kill a rabbit and cook the meat, but don't eat it, you'll need it! Now head through the dense forest west of the tracker, back to the catapult, remember to try and step over the trap-line, maybe use cure poison when failing. Now head to the catapult.
Read this entire part before continuing! You'll have to be swift, but don't rush yourself, use the cooked rabbit on the catapult guard, now use the barrel bomb on the catapult, from here you'll see a short animation and a tent burning. No need to go there anymore (unless you want to buy a dragon halberd (325k)). Go back to Lord Lorwerth, he'll give you proof that you killed King Tyras. He'll tell you about a route past the mountains, just teleport out instead. After this head to King Lathas.
When attempting to enter the castle, you'll be approached by an elf. She'll let you read the scroll. Read it, and you'll have a pretty good idea of what the next quest in this ongoing story will be about. Talk to king Lathas anyway to claim your reward. You'll be contacted later for part 5 of this ongoing quest. Good job!

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