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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: White Knights Castle, Falador.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 1000 exp in Agility, Herblore and Prayer, 3000gp, Initiate Helmet, ability to buy Initiate armour at Tiffy Cashien, a make-over voucher.
Quest points gained: 1.
Main quest area: Testing grounds.
Required skills: Able to defeat a lvl 20 with no armour or weapons.
Required items: Cannot carry or wear any items. 3000gp (if you are a male character)
Required quests: Black Knights' Fortress, Druidic Ritual Quest.
Monsters: Sir Leye (level 20).
NPC: Sir Tinley, Sir Tiffy Cashien, Sir Amik Varze, Sir Ren Itchood, Ms Hynn Terpett, Sir Kuam Ferentse, Sir Spishyus, Lady table, Miss Cheveers.

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Talk to Sir Amik Varze on the second floor of Falador White Knight castle. He will tell you to meet with a contact in the park. If you have a male character, after speaking to Amik go to the makeover mage and change into a female for the fee of 3000gp (if your character is a female you do not need the makeover). Go to the park in Falador and speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien sitting on the bench. Once you have started to speak to him you cannot move. Tell him that you are ready for the tests. You will be taken into the first testing room. From here on the tests are different for each person.
Sir Tinley: He will give you patience as your only clue. Do nothing.
Sir Ren Itchood: The first letter of each of the four sentences of his clue make a word. This is the combination to the door.
Ms Hynn Terpett: She will give you riddles:
Riddle: If you can choose how to die would you:
Answer: Thrown to wolves that have not eaten in a month. 
Riddle: Counting the creatures and humans in runescape you get about a million inhabitants. If you multiply the fingers on their left hand, how many would you get.
Answer: 0 as it is impossible to know.
Riddle: A father is 4 times as old as his daughter. In 20 years he will be 2 times as old. How old is the daughter?
Answer: 10.
Riddle: There are 4 buckets - if I drop a stone in all of them at the same time, which will hit the bottom first 
Answer: 32 Degrees.
Riddle: Choose the number of false choices
Answer: Three. 
Riddle: How many statements are false:
Answer: Three.
Sir Kuam Ferentse and Sir Leye: You have to fight and kill Sir Leye (level 20) who cannot be slain by any man - you will need a female character to kill him.
Sir Spishyus: Fox, chicken and a sack of grain across a bridge: 
Take the chicken first. Go back for the fox. Drop the fox on the other side and pick up the chicken. Drop the chicken on other side and take the grain. Go back to pick up the chicken. Drop it and open the door.
Lady table: You have ten seconds to memorise nine statues then another statue will be added. They will be shuffled and you will have to select which one was added. The statues are three colours: bronze, silver and gold. Each statue has four weapons. Note which colour has only three weapons and touch that statue when the lights go out and on again.
Miss Cheveers: Pick up the metal spade and collect the vials by searching the shelves and crates. Use Gypsum and another vial of Dihydrogen monoxide with the tin for the second door. Use the tin with the key chained to the wall. Use the Cupric ore powder and Tin ore powder on the tin. Use the tin on the Bunsen Burner. Use either a knife or a bronze wire on the tin to get the key. Use the key on the door.

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