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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: This quest starts with the cook in Lumbridge Castle kitchen.
Quest difficulty level: Hard.
Reward(s): 28,000 Cooking Experience, 10,000 Agility Experience, 4,000 Hitpoints Experience, 3,500 Crafting Experience, 2,500 Magic Experience, 1,500 Woodcutting Experience, 1,000 Fishing Experience, 1,000 Smithing Experience, 1,000 Slayer Experience, 1,000 Farming Experience, 1,000 Ranged Experience, 20,000 experience in any skill you want from the antique lamp (level must be at least 50), Full access to the Culinaromancer’s Chest, Ability to own a hell-cat, Ability to make a Spicy Stew, Ability to cook fishcakes (heal 11), crab meat (heals 10 in 5 bites), and jubbly (heals 15), Ability to use the Teleport to Ape Atoll spell.
Quest points gained: 10.
Required Quests: Cooks Assistant.
Required Skills: Level 10 cooking
Required - Other: There are other requirements needed to complete the different sub-quests, please check those as well.
Monsters: Icefiend (Level 13), Evil Chicken (Level 170), Mudskipper (Level 30 & 31), Giant Crab (Level 21 & 23), Chompy (Level 6), Jubbly Bird (Level 9), Black Dragon (Level 227), Big Snake (Level 84), Agrith-Na-Na (Level 146), Flambeed (Level 149), Karamel (Level 136), Dessourt (Level 121), Gelatinnoth Mother (Level 130) and Culinaromancer (Level 75).

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The walkthrough for this quest is quite large and has been split into different sections. Choose the section you need help with from the list below..

Section 01: Starting the Recipe for Disaster Quest 
Section 02: A Dwarf Rock Cake 
Section 03: Pirate Pete: A Fishcake 
Section 04: Goblins: A Slop of Compromise 
Section 05: Skrach 'Bone Crusher' Uglogwee: Jubbly bird 
Section 06: Lumbridge Guide: Cake of Guidance 
Section 07: Evil Dave: Evil Stew 
Section 08: Sir Amik Varze: Crème Brule supreme 
Section 09: Awowogei: A Giant filled snake 
Section 10: The Final Fight 

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