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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Go to Gertrude's House just west of Varrock, you must have a cat or a kitten with you.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 4,500 Thieving experience, Access to the Rat Pits, Unlocked Wiley and Lazy cats.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: Gertrudes Cat and Icthlarin's Little Helper.
Required Items: An empty vial, one kwuarm, one red spider eggs, 4 pieces of cheese, one grounded unicorn horn, one marrentil, one bucket of milk, one weed, one tinderbox and a pot and some food for your cat. Note: You must also have a kitten or cat. Overgrown cats can’t catch rats, so an overgrown cat is of no use for this quest.
Suggested: Teleport runes to Al-Kharid, Varrock and Ardougne.
NPC: Gertrude, Phingspet, Grimesquit, Jimmy Dazzler, Hooknosed Jack, Smokin’ Joe, The Face and Felkrash.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

GFirst of all you need to talk with Gertrude. She will tell you to go and see two ladies: Phingspet and Grimesquit, who you will find in the Varrock Sewers. Your cat will have to kill at least 8 rats before they will speak with you. Once complete the rats are killed, they will give you a rat pole. Now speak with Jimmy Dazzler, in the house behind the pub in East Ardougne, which is north of the castle. He knows of a man outside Ardougne hosting a party. The man needs his mansion cleared of rats. This is a job for you and your cat. You will have to move through the house, stealthily. Jimmy will give you some directions. If you follow the directions you will find the mansion. Stay out of the field of view of the guards or they will teleport you back to one of three restart points (the restart point will depend on how far you got). There is one rat in a bedroom on the first floor, two rats in a spare room on the first floor, two rats in the guard's dormitory, and a rat or two in the kitchen. Get at least one from each room. Your character will tell you when you've killed enough. When you return to Dazzler he will give you an overview of the kitten pits and send you back to Varrock to speak with Hooknosed Jack who he can be found in the fenced in area south-east of the east bank. Hooknosed Jack doesn't have a lot of free time. You'll have to run an errand for him. You'll need to give him the ingredients to make rat poison: kwuarm, red spider eggs, and vial and put it on four pieces of cheese. Go to the warehouse directly south of you, and go up the ladder to the first floor. You will need to place a piece of cheese in front of each of the rat holes and report back to Hooknosed Jack. He will tell you that his cat Pox has eaten some rats that you've poisoned and is sick. Go to the Apothecary on the other side of Varrock. You will be asked for: marrentil, grounded unicorn horn, and some milk to make some antipoison for Pox. Take antipoison potion back to Jack and he'll tell you that there is still one king rat that you must dispose of in the warehouse. You will not be able to put poison in the crack in the wall. The crack is big enough to put your cat through. Take extra food for your cat in this fight as the king rat has about three times as many hit points as your cat and your food will be needed to heal your cat. Place it in the crack of the wall where you put your cat in. Once the king rat is dead go back to hooknose, and he will send you to Smokeout Joe in Keldagrim, to teach you what to do with overgrown cats. Smokout Joe is on the far East side of the city, behind the mining shop. Smokeout Joe is a bit under the weather and cannot finish a task of smoking some rats out of a hole. You will need to make a smoking device of your own to finish off his job. Get your pot and your weeds and your tinderbox. Put the weeds in the pot and light it using the tinderbox. Use this pot with the nearby rat hole, and you’ll see the rats run out the other side when the smoke is blown in, and then retreat when it is clear. Set your cat down and your cat will offer to take guard on the other side to ambush the rats as they come out, so they cannot retreat when the smoke clears. Once this is done, Smokeout will have you go speak to The Face in Port Sarim. The Face tell you to talk to a bard downstairs, Felkrash who agrees to help - if you can get rid of all the rats in Port Sarim in one action. This is not easy. Go out of the Port Sarim pits and speak to The Face again. She'll mention the snake Charmer in Pollnivneach. You'll need a few coins to get him out of his trance, and a couple hundred more to get him to teach you what to do. Once he refuses to teach you for the amount of coins you have, tell him no thanks. If you dont have ring of charos, choose the walk away slowly option and he will slowly drive his own price down, if you do have it, you should be able to talk his price down to 50gp. He will give you both a sheet of music, and a charming device. Head back to Port Sarim on the docks or near the manhole and play this tune. Simply click on the flute to play it. You see that you are on the first of 8 pages. On the first page select the first note that is on the sheet of music that you got off the snake charmer so that it turns red. Then go to the seconds page (do not press play, just select the next note and go to the next page). On the second page you select the second note from the snake charmers sheet of music. Do this for all 8 pages. There are 8 notes on the snake charmers sheet of music. Once you have put one note onto each page you then press play and you should get a cutscene. This completes the quest..
Please note: Remember to click on the icon that looks like a gust of wind if the music sheet shows a note with that symol above it. Only select the 'wind icon' for the note that it appears over, not on all 8 pages.

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