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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Talk to the Odd Old Man near the quarry northeast of Varrock.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 500 cooking experience, 500 prayer experience, ability to complete wishlist.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: None.
Required Skills: Combat level of around 20 advised.
Monsters: Goblin, Bear, Big Frog, Ram, Unicorn, Monkey, Giant Rat, Giant Bat
NPC: Odd Old Man, Fortunato

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Everybody needs some body, and the Odd Old Man knows exactly which bits of those bodies he needs. Can you help him finish his extensive and extremely creepy collection? To find the Odd Old Man, travel northeast of Varrock until you come to a quarry. You'll find a man carrying a large sack of bones. This is the Odd Old Man. Talk to him and he will tell tell you his story how he is an archaeologist collecting bones. He will like you to help him collect certain bones. The bones are as follows: goblin skull, bear ribs, big frog leg, ram skull, unicorn bone, monkey paw, giant rat bone, and giant bat wing. To collect these bones you must kill the creature that possessess it.

How to obtain the bones:
Goblin Skull - Kill goblin west of Lumbridge.
Bear Ribs - Kill bear south of Varrock.
Big Frog Leg - Kill big frog at the Lumbridge Swamp Cave located south west of Lumbridge.
Ram Skull - Kill a ram at the Lumbridge sheep pen north of Lumbridge castle.
Unicorn Bone - Kill unicorn south of Varrock.
Monkey Paw - Kill monkey at Brimhaven or Karamja.
Giant Rat Bone - Kill giant rat in the Varrock Sewers.
Giant Bat Wing - Kill giant bat outside the Keep Le Faye south east of Camelot.

Once you have collected all of the bones go to Draynor Village. Here you will find a man named Fortunato. Talk to him and ask him about vinegar. After you tell him of the Odd Old Man he will sell you some. Get at least 8 jugs of vinegar. In addition to the bones and vingear you will need a tinderbox, pot, and 8 logs. When you have everything return to the Odd Old Man. Now you will have to prepare the bones for him. Near the Odd Old Man is a pot-boiler. Use your logs with this. Use a jug of vinegar with the pot, place one bone in the pot, place this onto the pot-boiler, and use your tinderbox with the pot-boiler. After it boils remove the pot. The bone will now be clean. Repeat this with the rest of the bones. After you are done talk to the Odd Old Man and give him the bones. This will end the quest and you will receive your reward. But wait, finishing this quest will open a second part to the Rag and Bone Man Quest.


Starting location: Talk to the Odd Old Man near the quarry northeast of Varrock.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 5000 prayer experience, bonesack or ram skull helmet.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Rag and Bone Man, Monkey Madness, Regicide, Zogre Flesh Eaters,
Horror from the Deep, Mogres.
Required Skills: Slayer level 40 .
NPC: Odd Old Man, Fortunato

Behind the Odd Old Man there is a wishlist of other bones that he wants. On this list are 27 different creatures. Note that you can not use normal bones that come from the killing the creatures. Randomnly they will drop "special" bones. After you acquire these bones you will need to clean them with the vinegar as in the first part of the quest. The following is a list of the creatures and their locations:

Basilisk - Slayer Dungeon
Baby Blue Dragon - Taverly Dungeon
Bat - Just west of the Odd Old Man
Cave Goblin - Lumgridge Castle Dungeon
Dagganoth - Lighthouse
Experiment - Experiment Dungeon
Fire Giant - Waterfall
Ghoul - Southwest of Canifis
Ice Giant - White Wolf Mountain
Jackal - Al Kharid Desert
Jogre - Ardougne Zoo and Brimhaven
Massive Desert Lizard - Al Kharid Desert
Mogre - South of Port Sarim
Moss Giant - Varrock Sewers
Ogre - West of Yanille
Rabbits - Tiranwynn
Rat - Varrock Sewers
Seagull - Port Sarim
Snake - Karamja
Terrorbird - Tree Gnome Stronghold
Troll - Death Plateau
Undead Cow - West of Port Phasmatys
Vulture - Agility Pyramid
Werewolf - Canifis
Wolf - White Wolf Mountain
Zogre - Jiggig
Zombie - Edgeville Dungeon

After acquiring and cleaning the bones, give them to the Odd Old Man. This will complete his collection. As a reward you'll have a choice between a bonesack or a ram skull helmet. The quest is complete. If you lose either of these later on, the Odd Old Man will replace it for you.

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