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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Hassan in the Al-Kharid palace.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Free passage through the Al-Kharid gates and 700gp.
Quest points gained: 3.
Required Items: A few gp (500 should be enough), 7 balls of wool, ash, flour, water, redberries, 2 onions, pink skirt, soft clay, bronze bar and 3 beers.
NPC: Hassan (in the Al-Kharid palace), Osman (Outside the Al-Kharid palace), Leela (east of Draynor Village), Aggie (Draynor Village), Ned (Draynor village), Joe (jail east of Draynor Village).

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Osman can be found outside the palace, talk to him for your mission briefing. He will tell you that you must tie up a woman and then disguise the prince as her. He will also tell you that you'll have to make a key to free the prince.
Leela: Leela can be found to the east of Draynor, talk with her, and she'll tell you to go and talk with a witch. That’s Aggie, she's in Draynor (see below)
Rope and wig: Get some wool (use the shears on some sheep, and then use the wool on a spinning wheel), you'll need 7 balls. Now go and find Ned in Draynor and ask him to make the wig and rope.
Dye and skin colour: Now go to Aggie in Draynor to make the skin paste, you'll need to give her ash, flour, water and redberries (you can find these in the forest south of Varrock). For the wig dye (yellow), you'll need to hand her 2 onions and 5gp. Use the yellow dye on the wig.
Skirt: The skirt for our disguise can be bought in the clothes store in Varrock.
Leela: Now that you have everything for the disguise, you'll need to make a key to get into the jail itself. You will need some soft clay and a bronze bar for this.
The Key: When you have the soft clay and the bronze bar, head over to the jail and speak with Lady Keli. Tell her that she's famous, then ask her for her latest plan, then ask if she's sure that no one will try and get him out, ask if you can see the key, and then if you could touch it. Now you have the print. Go to Osman.
Osman: Osman will take the key print and the bronze bar. Go back to Leela and pick up your key.
The Guard: Tell the guard to chill out, ask him about what he buys with his wages, then go back to Leela and tell her you're thinking about getting him drunk, she’ll tell you that’s a good idea.
The Rescue: Talk with Joe again and ask him if he would fancy a beer, keep talking with him, and he'll take all three beers. Use your rope on Lady Keli to tie her up, and then use your bronze key on the prison door. Talk with the prince and he'll escape. Go back to Hassan, get your reward and the quest is complete.

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