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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: King Roald, Varrock Palace.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: Wolfbane Dagger, some prayer exp., and access to Morytania.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Skills: Must be able to kill a level 30 guardian.
Required Items: Bucket and 50 rune essences.

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Roald: King Roald will ask you to check on Drezel in the Guardian Temple northeast of Varrock. You can find it by going north along the fence that surrounds the Digsite area until it curves around. You'll come to a gate. Go through it and follow the road east to the temple.
Temple: Knock on the doors and tell them that you've been sent to check on Drezel. You will be asked to kill a dog. This is down the trapdoor in the mausoleum just north of the temple. The dog is level 30, and shouldn't be a problem. Once you've done this, go back and knock on the doors again. They will send you back to Varrock.
Roald: Go to King Roald again and tell him what you've done. He will be quite mad at you. When he's done shouting and yelling, ask him what you can do to make it good again. Go back to the temple, this time go in and up the two sets of ladders.
Drezel: Talk with Drezel and he'll tell you a long story. Now go downstairs and kill the level 30 Monks of Zamorak until you get a Golden Key. Once you have the key, go back down to the place where you killed the dog, but this time go further into the cave. Once you're at some monuments and a well, 'study' all the monuments.
Key and Water: When you find the monument which has a key, 'use' your Golden Key on it, and you will have the iron key to free Drezel. Use your bucket on the well to get some water from the river. Go back to Drezel and use your iron key on the door. Speak with him and get him to bless your water, then use it on the coffin in the centre of the room. Speak with Drezel once more.
Draining the evil: Now get as many essences as you can hold. Go back to the place you got the iron key and the holy water, and proceed through the next door. You'll find Drezel again. Speak with him and tell him about what the rune essences can do. He'll need 50 of them so go back and get the rest. Drezel doesn’t take essence notes.
Completeing the quest: Talk with Drezel and give him the last essences. The quest is now completed.

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