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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Talk to Edmond, north of the castle in Ardougne.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Mining exp and a magic scroll that shows you the Ardougne teleport (level 51 magic required).
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Items: Dwellberries, rope, at least 4 buckets of water, spade, bucket of milk, chocolate, pestle and mortar and snape grass.

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Inside Edmonds house talk to Alrena. She will ask you to get dwellberries for the gasmask. 
Dwellberries: Go to Mcgrubor's forest, west of Seer's Village. Find the loose panels and push them to enter. Find some dwellberries and go back to the house, she will give you the gasmask.
Getting into Plague City: Get a picture of Edmond's daughter from the house. Use the four buckets of water on the soil where it says it’s hard to dig. Use spade and then you will fall down into sewers. Go to the pipe (south-west from where you are) that is covered with a grill. Use rope on grill and ask Edmond to help you pull the rope. Then go through the pipe to Plague City.
The Rehison Family: Speak to Jethink as you come out of the manhole, he will direct you to the rehinison house and asks you to return a book to them. Find their house and ask them about the daughter and they will direct you to a house without any windows.
Plague house: Try to enter and you will be stopped (make sure you tell him that you're looking for a kidnapped woman or you can't go any further). You need to go and find Bravek's office which is located west of the manhole. Tell the Clerk that it’s important and she will let you in. 
Hangover: Bareak has a hangover and you need to get a cure. Add chocolate dust (ground chocolate bar with pestle and mortar) to milk and add the snape grass. He will give you the warrant you need to enter the plague house. 
Enter plague house: Once inside the house, go to the basement and you will find Elena. You need to find the key, which is hidden in a barrel upstairs in the house. Once you have rescued her, go back to Edmond and he will reward you for saving his daughter. This completes the quest.

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