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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to the dwarf next to the broken cart on the road south of Ice Mountain connecting Falador with Barbarian Village.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Quest Length: Short.
Reward: 500 Construction, 500 Farming, 500 Hunter, , 500 Thieving, 500 Smithing, ability to smith pickaxes, shortcut ladder access to the Dwarven Mine.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: None.
Required Skills: Level 10 Construction, Level 10 Farming, Level 10 Hunter, Level 11 Thieving.
Required Items: Compost, Full Watering Can, 2 Nails, 2 Planks, Saw, Hammer.
NPC: Lakki the delivery Dwarf, Drorkar, Brother Bordiss, Brother Althric, Professor Arblenap, Oracle, Nurmof.

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Speak to Lakki the Delivery Dwarf north of Falador on the path connecting Falador with Barbarian Village. Lakki was supposed to be delivering parts to the new power station but has lost a crate along the way. Offer to help him find it. Head west along the path toward the steps. Search the bushes you see beside the path. The crate will be in one of them, though it is random for each player. So search all the bushes until you find it.

Once you have recovered the crate, head up to the power station on southern end of the mountain. It is the grey building on minimap west of the Dwarven Mine entrance. Speak to Drorkar and give him the crate. Drorkar will ask you to deliver a letter to Bordiss, who can be found in the monastery to the north east. Accept the task and make your way to the northern garden of the monastery.

Speak with Brother Bordiss and give him Drorkar's letter. Bordiss will be enraged by the letter and tell you about Drorkar's "Zamorakian smoke machine." Just as he is calmed down. Brother Aldric's roses die. Speak to Brother Aldric and offer to help him. Use a bucket of compost and your watering can on the dead roses to save the flowers.

After a cutscene head back to Dwarven Mountain and up the snowy central peak. Find Professor Arblenap on the southern end of the snowed peak and speak with him. Arblenap will tell you how Drorkar's machine is killing the Icefiends. Offer to help him save them. Wield the net the Professor gives you and capture four baby Icefiends. Give the Icefiends to the Professor who will thank you and teleport just as an avalanche occurs.

Head to the northern end of the mountain and speak with the Oracle. Offer to fix her demolished tent, which has been swept down the mountainside to the east. Head down from the ice peak and pick up her broken tent from the avalanche snow. Head back up the mountain to the Oracle and use the tent on the remains with a hammer, 2 planks, 2 nails and a saw in your inventory to fix it. The Oracle will tell you how the melting snow will cause the end of civilization and insist you must prevent it.

Head down from the peak and south to the power station to speak with Drorkar. Tell him he must shut down the power station as it will cause the end of civilization. He will not be swayed and tells you to speak with Nurmof. Head east and down the ladder into Dwarven Mine. Make your way to Nurmof's pickaxe shop and tell him he must shut the power station down. Nurmof refuses but says Bordiss had an alternative design but never turned up with the plans. Head back to the monastery and speak with Brother Bordiss. He will tell you he kept the plans is his chest and it seems Drorkar took the key while he was drunk.

Head back to the power station and pickpocket Drorkar for the chest key. Make your way to the east and down the ladder into the mines. Head immediately east into Drogo's shop. Use the key on the chest to retrieve the plans. Bordiss Chest Take the plans to Nurmof and use them with him. He will assess the design and realises it will work. Watch the cutscene of the new environmentally friendly power station. The quest is now complete.


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