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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to King Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village near the Spirit Tree.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 5000 Magic, 5000 Thieving, 20000 Slayer, 30000 Strength, Crystal chime, a new spirit tree and a new way to use the spirit tree network.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Waterfall Quest, Eyes of Glouphrie.
Required Skills: Level 45 Agility, Level 47 Ranged, Level 56 Slayer, Level 56 Thieving, Level 60 Strength.
Required Items: Crossbow (any metal), mithril grapple, crystal saw or small crystal seed.
Monsters: Warped Terrorbird (Level 143).
NPC: King Bolren, Golrie, Longramble, Hazelmere.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

To begin, head to the Tree Gnome Village and talk to King Bolren in the center. After you talk to him, he will tell you to find an anti-illusion device somewhere in the village. So go right outside the village, through the gate and down the ladder with the "!" Take the west path and talk to the gnome Golrie.

Now you need the key to get into Golrie's storeroom. Head back east and go north until you reach another room. Crawl through the tunnel on the north side. Push the big monolith north and go around it. Push the monolith you can north and then the one above that east twice. Go around and push the small monolith south. Push the big monolith west twice and open the mahogany chest. You will find that you can't. Search the chests north of you to get some crystal shapes, Yewnock's notes and a storeroom key. Use the storeroom key on the chest.

You will get a strongroom key, now go go around the monoliths and push the south one west and go west towards the gate. Use the key on the gate to enter. Here's the hard part, you have to try and solve the puzzle, if you need more shapes go back into the previous room and search the crates. The shapes in which you receive vary from person to person. You may have to exchange your shapes to get the right ones. Just follow what you did for the Eyes Of Glouphrie quest. The main point is to equal what's in there. The shapes' value is the number of sides on the shape multiplied the colour value according to the chart. So and orange triangle would be 3(sides) x 2(Color value) = 6.

Once you've solved the puzzle, get some good armor, food, watch, sextant, chart, crystal saw, mithril grapple and prayer potions and talk to King Bolren again. Kill the evil monster and continue to talk. Now talk to Aluft Gianne Jr. in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, (Second floor, to the west) you can use the tree next to you. He will give you a set of coordinates. Here is where you need your watch, sextant and chart. Find the coordinates and go to them. To get there, go south of Castle Wars and then head far west, use your mithril grapple on the tree and swing across. Talk to Longramble. You may want you to give him some gnome food until he helps you. (If you bring Longramble his order of Tangled Toad Legs, he will give you a Mint Cake as a reward)

After you talk to Longramble head north and talk to the dead looking spirit tree. You will talk to Hazelmere and you will go through a cutscene. You will now need to find elven magic to cure the spirit tree. Now go back to the Tree Gnome Village and back to the cave with the monoliths.

Use your crystal seed/saw on the singing bowl and get the crystal chimes and head back to the spirit tree. Use the chimes on the tree for a cut scene. Now go west and south and enter the sewers. You can't teleport out of the dungeon. Walk past the warped tortoise and up the ladder. (It is strongly recommended that you avail yourself with range and melee protection prayer here, as you can dealt heavy damage without) Go into the area with the warped terrorbirds and follow it. Go around the "U" bend and down the ladder. Follow the path. Go up another ladder and keep following the path past the warped animals, you’ll get to a metal door. Go through it and around the "U" bend and down the ladder. Go east and up the next ladder, go west or east around the big hole and through the door. Now go to the east door and go through fight the terrorbirds. Use the chimes on them to be able to hit them. After you have used the chimes on them you can attack them.

Once you've defeated the terrorbirds, peek through the hatch door and you will see a cutscene. Hazelmere will come and rescue you from the gas; don't worry about dying. He will explain to you he is a mage and you will get your reward after.


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