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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: The kitchen, deep in the Troll Stronghold.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward:10,000 Herblore, 5,000 Farming, access to a disease-free herb patch.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Eadgar's Ruse, The Feud, Jungle Potion, You must have done some work on the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame.
Required Skills: Level 10 Woodcutting, Level 29 Farming.
Required Items: Climbing boots, 3 empty buckets, 1 bucket of compost or super compost, 7 buckets of super compost, machete, spade, seed dibber, rake, filled watering can
Monsters: Baby Roc (level 75), Giant Roc (level 172).
NPC:Burntmeat, My Arm, Ash, Ali the Kebab Seller or Ali the Camel, Murcaily.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Speak with Burntmeat who can be found in the Troll Stronghold kitchen. He will tell you about the Goutweed and the story of the adventurer. He will ask you to talk to My Arm about growing Goutweed. Speak with My Arm and he will ask you to retrieve a lump of Goutweed found on the Death Plateau in Dung and Ash's cooking pot. Speak with Burntmeat again, he will refresh your memory for the way back to the Death Plateau. Follow Burntmeats instructions and you will end up at the Death Plateau. Use an empty bucket on the cooking pot to retrieve a lump of goutweed . Follow the steps back to get back to My Arm. You can get a bucket at Death Plateau if you forgot yours. My Arm will eat the lump of goutweed. He will tell you about how he has been trying to farm for a while with no success. He will take you upstairs past the Generals quarters up to the top of the stronghold. There is My Arms farming patch.

Speak with My Arm once again and he will give you a Farming Book. It tells you that you need to fertilize the soil with three buckets of camel dung and seven buckets of super compost. Teleport to Al-Kharid using your Glory Amulet or Dueling Ring. If you have a Camulet speak with Ali the Camel outside Al-Kharid bank. If you don't have a Camulet, go to the Shantay Pass and ride the magic carpet to Pollnivneach. Run to the kebab shop near the camel pen and buy a bottle of hot sauce. Go to the camel pen and use the sauce with the troughs and wait a few seconds. Use your three buckets with the dung to get three buckets of camel dung.

Teleport back to Trollheim and go to My Arms farming patch. Use the camels dung with the patch to fully fertilize the patch. Speak with My Arm again and he will inform you that Burntmeat wants you to go to Tai Bwo Wannai village to collect some Hardy Gout Tubers. My Arm will tell you about using the boat in Ardougne to get to the village and you will see yourself on the boat with My Arm. You will have a conversation and get off the boat. My Arm runs off feeling ill.

Go to Tai Bwo Wannai village and go to the Teak and Mahogany tree pen and speak to Murcaily who is outside it. Ask him about My Arm and he will say he has not seen My Arm. Go to the Jungle General store and you will see My Arm nearby. Talk to him and run back to Murcaily. Murcaily will tell you that he will give you some Hardy Gout Tubers if you get 60% village favour . Use your machete to chop down the jungle and repair the fence. Once you reach 60% talk to Murcaily again. He will give you some Hardy Gout Tubers and you will go to a cutscene where My Arm is destroying the jungle. After the attempts to stop him fail you will be told to leave the village. My Arm will tell you about a bird that attacks his crops and that you should head to the bank before going back.

Go to the bank and withdraw your armor, food, and potions. Make sure you bring the Gout Tubers with you and teleport back to Trollheim. Run to My Arms plantation again and talk to him. You will tell him that he needs to rake his patch. Go get your rake, seed dibber, bucket of compost, and plant cure from the leprechaun. Give him the rake and he will try to rake his patch. He may break the rake, so go pick up the head and put it back with its body. Give him the rake again and he will successfully rake the patch. Talk to him and he will want to use compost with the patch. Give him compost and he will treat the patch to some compost. Speak to him again and he will ask for some sort of seed planting device. Give him the seed dibber and he will plant the Gout Tubers. You will be attacked by a Baby Roc. Kill it and My Arm will tell you about the bigger bird. The Giant Roc will attack you so be ready. Use your potions and use protect from range (if you protect against range, he will use melee, so wear rune armor). The blast of his wings may knock you back so have auto retaliate on and attack back once he stuns you. Once he is dead, check the plot for disease. Talk to My Arm again and he will harvest the crop. You will receive experience for each Goutweed he harvests. Once he gains a farming level, he will thank you and tell you to go to Burntmeat for your reward. Go to Burntmeat to receive lots of burnt meat. You tell yourself that maybe My Arm will give you a better reward. Go back to My Arm and ask him for a better reward and you will be rewarded.


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