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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: North-west of the Camelot Castle you will find the mansion, talk to one of the guards to start the quest.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 2000gp and Crafting exp.
Quest points gained: 3.
Required Items: Pot.

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In order to solve this mystery, you will need to search the mansion and find the following: fly paper, in the north-west corner of the estate in the Gardener's shack, murder scene pot, in the small room on the east side of the 1st floor, criminal's dagger, at the murder scene on the ground, Anna's silver necklace, in a barrel in the mid-west section of the 1st floor, Bob's silver teacup, in a barrel in the southwest room, Elizabeth's silver needle, in a barrel on the top-west room on the 2nd floor, Frank's silver pot, in a barrel mid-west room of the 2nd floor, David's silver book, in a barrel mid-east room on the 2nd floor, Carol's silver bottle, in a barrel north-east room on the 2nd floor, and the Criminal's thread, found in the north-east corner of the state below the dog's cage. Investigate the window to find it. 
Poison: Directly south of the mansion on the path there is a poison salesman. Talk to him and ask him about the poison he sold to the mansion and ask him who he sold it to. After you have gotten all the info from him, go question all of the Sinclair family members about why they needed the poison. After you talk to all of the servants and family about the poison, investigate the following areas outside: water fountain, family crest, drain, compost heap, and beehive. On the second floor: spider webs. After investigating everything, you will find out that the compost heap didn't have poison used on it and that was Anna's alibi. Talk to the guard and tell him you know who it was, after telling him why he will tell you he needs more evidence.
Note: The murderer is different for each person who does the quest, in this walkthrough we are using Anna as an example.
Fingerprints: Take seven fly traps with you and go into the kitchen, search the barrel and take the flour. Use flour on all of the silver evidence. Next use the fly traps on the floured items to get the fingerprints. Use some flour on the silver dagger to get the murderer's fingerprints and compare all of the fingerprints to the murderer's fingerprints. After finding a match, talk to the guard again and tell him about it. 
Thread: The guard will still tell you that you need more evidence, so talk to him again and show him the green thread you found on the window. It is the same colour as the random person's pants, and the guard will praise you for helping them solve the mystery! This completes the quest.

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