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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Eluned in Isafdar.
Quest difficulty level: Hard.
Reward: 25,000 Hitpoint XP and 25,000 Thieving XP.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required skills: Lvl 50 Thieving, Lvl 60 Ranged.
Required Items: Armour, Food, Weapons, Stat restore, Anti-poison, Bucket of water, 1 Fur, 2 Silk; 1 Blue and 1 Yellow, 1 Green and 1 Red dye; Toad crunchies (from Grand Tree), 1 Feather, 1 Magic log, 1 soft leather, runes to teleport to Ardougne, runes to teleport to the Watchtower, Ogre bellows, approx 1000gp, Coal for distilling. 
Required Quests: Sheep Herder, Roving Elves, Big Chompy Bird Hunting.
Monsters: Mourners lvl 11.
NPC: Eluned, Arianwyn, Head Mourner, Gnome On A Rack, Elena, Tegid, Oronwen.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Go through the northern passage or through the underground pass to get to Isafdar. Talk to Eluned and she will teleport you to Lletya. She will also give you a crystal seed with 4 charges. This seed will also teleport you to Lletya. Talk to Arianwyn. He wants you to infiltrate West Ardougne. Walk west to the exit of the city and go through the trees, walk south and go through the dense forest and back to the mountain pass to kill one of the level 11 Mourners. He will drop a Gas mask, Mourner cloak, Mourner boots, Mourner gloves, Mourner trousers, Bloody mourner top and Mourner letter. You will need to repair the trousers and get the blood off the top. To clean the blood off the top, teleport to Falador and walk out north and go west to Taverly and speak to Tegid, south of Taverly, who is washing clothes in the river. Search the laundry basket and steal a bar of soap. Use the soap with the Mourners top to clean it and wear it. To repair the trousers go to Ardougne and buy some brown fur from the fur stall and steal two pieces of silk from the silk stall. Use your crystal to teleport to Lletya. Talk to Oronwen in the clothes shop. Buy one blue dye, one yellow dye, one green dye and one Red dye from her. Ask her if she can mend clothes and use the two pieces of silk and the one piece of fur on her. Use the Mourners trousers on her. She will tell you to wait a few minutes and then come back to her. Wait a little and return to Oronwen and get your mended trousers.
Teleport to Ardougne and walk to West Ardougne. Go to the building in the far north East, open the trap door and go into the basement. Talk to the Head mourner there. He will give you a broken device and a tarnished key. Go to the room west of there and use the tarnished key on the door and talk to the Gnome on a Rack. Go to the Grand Tree in the Gnome Stronghold and buy one toad crunchies from the Gnome waiter on the North West side on the second floor. Get a feather and a magic log and teleport to Lumbridge and kill a cow for the cowhide, take it to the tanner in Al Kharid and he will make you some soft leather.
Teleport to Ardougne and go back to the Gnome on a Rack in West Ardougne. Talk to the gnome and he will ask you what he just told you. Tell him his feet tickled and he loves toad crunchies. Use the Feather on him twice. Right click to release him. He will take the toad crunchies, the magic log and the soft leather from you. After a while talk to him and he will have fixed the device.
Teleport to the Watchtower and walk around Yanille and walk south to the Feldip Hills. Enter the cave near the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest startpoint and get an ogre bellows from the north west part of the cave. Use one dye on the bellows and use the bellows on one of the Swamp toads hopping around the swamp. Repeat this with all colours and you should have four different coloured frogs. Teleport to Ardougne and fire the frogs at the sheep. To do this load the coloured frog into your gun and shoot the gun at the matching coloured sheep. Shoot the gun by clicking aim on your attack style menu and using the arrows to center the cross onto the sheep. If you miss you will have to collect another frog. When you have dyed four sheep go back to the Head mourner.
Collect some rotten apples from the pile of tomatoes, north of west Ardougne just to the west of King Lathas training ground and talk to Elena. Go back to the rotten apple orchard and pick up a barrel. Use the barrel on a pile of rotten apples. Use the barrel of rotten apples on the large apple barrel machine. You will receive a barrel of apple mush. Pick up an extra barrel while you are there. Teleport to Lletya and walk into Isafdar, go through the trees and through the dense forest, south over the leaves and keep walking south until you see yellow rocks. Use your Barrel on the swamp to get coal tar. Once you have the coal tar go to the Rimmington chemist. Use your coal tar barrel on the fractionalizing still and left click to operate. You need to add heat by placing two coal in the furnace. Next you will need to add the tar to start the distillation process. Once the pressure starts to rise in the red zone turn the tar flow (right handle) off and the pressure release on. Do the same process again until the bar at the bottom is completely green. A barrel of naphtha will now be in your inventory. Use the barrel of naphtha with the barrel of apple mush and use the combined mixture with the sieve to get solid toxic naphtha. Use the toxic naphtha on a range (not a fire) and you get some toxic powder.
Return to West Ardougne and contaminate the food by using toxic powder with grain sacks outside the General store and inside the church. Go to the Head Mourner and talk to him. This completes the quest.

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