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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Arianwyn in Lleyta.
Quest difficulty level: Hard.
Reward: 20k Agility XP, Access to Death Altar.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: High Agility (around 70 should do).
Required Quests: Mournings Ends - Part 1.
Required Items: Rope, Chisel, Mourners Outfit, Death Talisman or items listed in final stage of guide.
NPC: Arianwyn, Head Mourner, Eluned, Thorgel.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

First of all, Arianwyn tells you to investigate the excavation. Put on your mourners outfit and head to Mourners Headquarters in West Ardougne. You will find the HQ in the most Northeastern building. If you do not have your mourners outfit from Mournings Ends Part 1, get another by killing a level 11 mourner on the way to West Ardougne. When you get to Mourners HQ, speak with the Head Mourner in the basement and you will receive a new key. Use your new key to enter the tunnels beyond the locked door. Here you need to head directly west, then take the southern path. After a cut-scene search a nearby guard to get his journal and a colour wheel. The colour wheel can be useful later on. Now head back to Arianwyn. Speak with Arianwyn then go back to the temple. You need to go inside the front door now. Be careful of the shadow creatures. Climb the stairs directly in front of the door. Once up the stairs move to the east of them to find the collection point. Pull the lever and collect everything. Go back to the stairs. From here you need to head south one pillar, then west followed by south to find some stairs within the wall. Climb up the stairs. Once up them you should see some stairs to the north on your minimap. Head to these and go down.
This is a good place for taking a break when doing the puzzle as it is safe, but now you head up the north stairs. From here go as far to the east as you can and you should find the black crystal just to your south. Use your chisel on it to take a sample. Head back to Arianwyn again. Arianwyn should get Eluned to make a new crystal for you and tell you what to do with it. Bank it for now and get out the mirrors and yellow crystal from the temple. Now is when the puzzle begins. You need to head back to the temple and up the first stairs. To the east of these by the collector is a light pillar with a beam of light in it. Insert a mirror and rotate to send the beam north. Move north to the pillar and using a mirror to send the beam to the west. Here direct the beam south. Follow the beam south placing your yellow crystal and then a mirror to send your yellow beam east. You will now be able to climb across the handholds (failing sends you to the first floor and deals 5 damage) to reach a newly opened blue door. Search the chest within for more mirrors and a cyan crystal. Work your way back to where you turned the beam south. Collect your pieces as you go. At the pillar where the beam turns south, put in the cyan crystal. Follow the beam west, turn it north with a mirror, before continuing to turn it back east. Follow the beam along towards the door and you will come across a pillar. Put your yellow crystal in here. This opens the pink door, where you once again open the chest for more mirrors. This is a good time to restock your food and stuff. Collect a rope as you will need it for the next part. Using the collector get all your mirrors and crystals back. Then you need to setup the following pattern, always following the beam: North, West, Cyan Crystal, North, East. The next pillar along this corridor also needs a mirror, but it must point the light upwards. To achieve this the mirror needs to have its base where the light enters and top on the opposite side. In this case west and east. Light travelling up can be noted by a beam above the pillar. Using the ladder beside this pillar, head up one floor. Use a mirror on the pillar to send the beam west. The beam will pass through a pillar you cannot reach, this pillar has the useful effect of turning cyan to blue and yellow to red, which you will be using later. Head back down the ladder and head south to reach the other stairs to the top floor. Once here cross to the north side using the double stairs, then head directly east through a narrow grey passage. Once through head north to find your now blue light beam. From here we want to send our light down. to do this arrange the mirror so its top is by the east and base is by the west markers. Go all the way down to the first floor and make your way to the north west corner again. Your beam should have opened a yellow door for you. Go through and rotate the fixed mirror to hit the other door. Raid the chest in here, then rotating the mirror again, escape. Leaving everything the same as the set up for the third door, head back to your cyan crystal on the second floor and replace it with the yellow crystal. Go back to the north west corner of the upper floor. This time reflect your now red light to head south. Follow it all the way to the south west corner and direct it downwards by aligning the mirror top to north and bottom to south. Once you have done this, head down one floor using the stairs. Directly west of the stairs you should find a low wall. Climb over it. In this room you use your rope on the rocks by the hole in the floor so that you can climb down. Go through the now open cyan door to raid the chest. You should now have 10 mirrors, a fractured crystal, and cyan, yellow and blue crystals. Now is a good time to restock food. This is where it gets a bit more complicated, so make sure you know how to arrange mirrors to send light up and down: Firstly set up your crystals to once more open the first blue door, this time place the blue crystal inside this room. Don't pull the lever after doing this step. Head back to the pillar north and west from the lever. Collect all your mirrors and your yellow crystal along the way. Direct your beam upwards. Move up via the stairs to reach your beam and send it south. This beam will travel a long distance to a pillar on the other side of the double steps. Here you place your fractured crystal. Note that the smooth side faces north, this is vital later on. Now you should have multiple light beams. Firstly head south and reflect the light east to the corner, then send it down. Go back to your light split. This time follow it west and once again send the beam down. Move down two floors and find this second beam, which, die to a special pillar should be green. Using your mirrors reflect this south then east to open the door. Inside this room you should have your blue beam. rotate the fixed mirror so it hits the yellow door and collect your last mirrors and second fractured crystal from the chest. Now the final pillar. This pillar requires beams of certain colours to hit it from certain sides and will put to use all you have learnt. For it to open you need a blue beam from the north, a red beam from the west and a green beam from the south. Start back at the collector after using it to get all your crystals and send the beam north as normal. Send the beam down. Find the beam downstairs and send it west, this is where it gets tricky. Place your newest fractured crystal in the pillar, the smooth side should face east. If you do not get four beams, it is the wrong one so switch it. Once you have this you need to move around the inaccessible room to reach your north beam and reflect it up. On the second floor you need to place the yellow crystal into this beam, then using the ladder head to the third floor. Here send the beam west through the colour changing pillar, to make our red beam. Now, you need to reach the northwest corner again, using the same route as before, to find your red beam. From the corner you have to send it south, then halfway along send it east using the pillar there. A fixed mirror to the east reflects it down for you. That is your first beam completed. Head back to where you split the light and follow the south beam. At the four-way pillar place your other fractured crystal. To both the east and west of here you need to reflect your light upwards. This should give you a plain and a green beam, thanks to the second floor pillar, on the third floor. Head up to the third floor again, find the most western of your two beams, which should be green. This beam will not appear from the top of its pillar as it cannot go further up, but is the pillar west of the double stairs. Reflect this beam west. Fixed mirrors again send this to the final pillar for you, so two beams down, one to go. Go east to find your other beam, which should be to the far east of the same row. Send the beam west, then north and cross over using the double steps. On this side, use your last mirror to reflect it west again, but follow the beam to find a pillar that it passes through to the west and place the blue crystal in it. Once again fixed mirrors do the rest. Move to the space between the double stairs and take the steps down to the west. The cyan door here is now open, thanks to your red beam, step through and rotate the mirror in the pillar nearby to send the beam west. This completes the final pillar, opening the door to the altar. Follow the beam west and step through the triple door to view a short cut-scene with Thorgel the dwarf. He will give you a list of 50 items to acquire in exchange for a death talisman, should you not already have one. Once here you also receive a shortcut, a tunnel behind the altar slab leads to the dwarf within the underground pass which can be used as a shortcut to the Lleyta bank.

The list contains the following items.
Rope: Buy from Ned in Draynor.
Spade: Spawns in Falador or can be bought from farming stores.
Iron Pickaxe: The pickaxe store in the dwarf mines sells these.
Iron Axe: The axe store in Lumbridge sells this.
Knife: Sold in most general stores.
Plank: Spawns north of the barbarian outpost.
Pie dish: Spawns in the cooking guild and near dwarf mines pick shop.
Potatoes(10): Collect from any potato field and put into a sack, sacks are available at all farming stores.
Pot of flour: Grind grain in a windmill.
Bucket of milk: Milk a dairy cow, all cow locations have a dairy cow.
Ball of wool: Shear a sheep and spin the wool or buy from adventurers store in Ardougne.
Oak logs: Cut down an oak tree.
Chisel: Sold at most general stores.
Shears: Sold at most general stores.
Needle: Al-Kharid crafting store sells.
Thread: Al-Kharid crafting store sells.
Cooked Meat: Cook raw beef or similar.
Iron Nail (1 is enough): Make from an iron bar.
Unicorn Horn dust: Grind a unicorns horn.
Bronze Bar: Make or buy from Shanty in Al-Kharid.
White Berries: Spawns in Isafdar and Red Dragon Isle.
Hammer: Sold at most general stores.
Potato Cactus: Spawns in the Kalphite dungeon.
Skull: Spawns in level 1 wilderness north of the mind altar.
Babydragon Bones: Kill a baby blue or red dragon.
Facemask: Sold by slayer masters.
Rune Essence (1 is enough): Mine at the essence mine.
Lobster Pot: Sold by all fishing stores and spawns in fishing guild.
Fishing rod: Sold by most fishing stores.
Tinderbox: Sold at most general stores.
Lockpick: Pickpocket rogues or buy in rogues den.
Bronze Med Helm: Smith from a bronze bar.
White Apron: Sold by Varrock clothes store.
Jug of wine: Make yourself or buy from western bar in Keldagrim.
Kebab: Sold by Al-Kharid kebab seller.
Leather Boots: Spawn in Lumbridge castle basement.
Swamp Paste: Sold in Port Khazard or made from swamp tar and flour.
Redberries: Spawn below Varrock.
Cheese: Spawns in Draynor.
Vial of water: Buy at a herblore store or make yourself.
Flax: Pick from a flax field such as Seers Village or Lleyta.
Gold Ring: Craft from a gold bar.
Egg: Spawns at chicken farm east of Lumbridge.
Leather Gloves: Sold at Varrock clothes store.
Cake tin: Spawn in cooking guild sold at cooking store in Yanille and general store in Cathurby and Lumbridge.
Necklace mould: Sold at Al-Kharid crafting store.
Rotten Tomato: Sold at Duel Arena bank.

As well the stuff in the list above, there are three items at the top of the list that vary from person to person, so you must check.

Archery Ticket: Earn tens points at the ranging mini-game at the rangers guild.
Agilty Arena Ticket: Tag two pillars in a row at the Brimhaven agilty arena.
Castle Wars Ticket: Received for being on the winning team in castle wars or for a draw.

Crumbling Tome: Spawns at the barrows.
Priffindas A History: Found on bookcases in Lleyta.
Battered book: Bookshelf in house southwest of Seers bank.

Jail key: Dropped by Jailer in Taverly dungeon.
Dusty key: Given by prisoner in Taverly dungeon or at its spawn in Taverly dungeon.
Door key: Under the plant pot beside the front doorof the witches house near Taverly.

Once you have a talisman enter the death altar. When inside use the new crystal that Arianwyn made for you on the altar to charge it. Finally take it back to the black crystal on the third floor. Don't forget you need to rotate your red beam to get back to the stairs. After you have done all of this return to Arianwyn to receive a crystal trinket that allows you access to the temple via the front door. This completes the quest.

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