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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: The mountain camp east of Rellekka.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 1000 attack experience, 2000 prayer experience.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: Must be able to defeat a level 70.
Required Items: Rope, plank, gloves, pickaxe, weapons, armour, food, hatchet.
Required Monsters: Kendal level 70.
NPC: Hamal the chieftain, Jokul, Ragnar, Svidi, Brundt the chieftain.

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Items for this part:
Description: Talk to the chieftain of the mountain camp. To reach him you will need to go east from Rellekka until you find a swaying tree. Go to the north-east to find a path into the mountains. Here you will find some rocks, if you attempt to climb over the guard will stop you. Take the small path north of him, leading to a boulder with a push option. Pushing it is useless but if you go and stand south of it and use your rope on it, you will go down to the path behind the guard. Walk further east to find the mountain camp. Talk to Hamal the chieftain at the quest point to start the quest. He will tell you his daughter went missing. It’s your job to find her. Enter some tents and you will be able to pass the guard at the entrance without using your rope. You will find this useful later in the quest.

Items for this part: plank.
Description: To the south of the chieftain's tent you will find some mud. Take it with your bare hands. Go to the tent north of the chieftain and take a pole from the garden with the goats. Follow the path to the north until you find Ragnar. He will tell you about going to marry the daughter you seek and that he has heard her voice from the lake. Next to him is a slippery tree. Use the mud with this tree. You can now climb the tree. On the next island, use your pole with the stones in the middle to reach the second island. On this island, use a plank with the flat stones to build a bridge. You can now listen to the shining pool. When doing so you will hear the daughter speak to you. She will tell you she is dead but will ask you for two favours.

Items for this part:
Pickaxe, gloves, plank.
Description: Your first task is to make peace with Rellekka. Talk to the chieftain about this. Go outside the camp, back to the swaying tree. Go north and search for Svidi between the black unicorn loan. He is still in the green tree part of the forest. Talk to him and he will ask you for a safety guarantee. Go to Rellekka and talk to Brundt the chieftain to tell him about the messenger. He will tell you to get an ancient rock. This can be found back in the mountain camp, in the southern hut. Use your pickaxe with it to cut off a part of it. Go back to Brundt and show it to him, you will get the safe passage guarantee. Show this to Svidi and your done.
The second task is to supply the camp with food. Talk to Jokul, the goat keeper, about this. He will tell you about white pearl which can grow even on snowy mountains. Go to the white wolf mountain gnome glider and pick a piece of fruit while wearing your gloves. Eat the fruit to get the seed. Take the seed back to the mountain camp chieftain. Talk to him about both Rellekka and the food supply. Go back to the middle of the lake and talk to the daughter again. She will tell you to do one more thing for her.

Items for this part:
Weapons, armour, food, hatchet.
Description: From the middle island, just walk into the lake from the stones as the water won't hurt you and it's a nice shortcut. From here go east and cut some trees to reach a white cave. Go in here and south to find a bear called Kendal. Talk to him and try a few options until you get an option about him looking like a man in a suit instead of a god. Choose this and talk to him about wanting to take the corpse of the girl, then tell him you will kill him.

Description: Kill the man in the bearsuit to get his head and keep it. Take the corpse of the girl found in the cave. Go back to the chieftain he will tell you how to bury the girl. Get five rocks from around the camp, they are all the same so you can use one or two respawns. Now go to Ragnar and get a necklace from him. Go back to the middle of the lake one last time and try to bury the corpse. Now use one of the rocks with the burial grounds to finish the quest.

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