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You are to investigate the disappearance of the 10th squad. 
Take the gnome glider (top floor) to Gandius and head north to the shipyard. Attempt to open the gate and show the gnome seal to the shipyard worker, head to the house to the south and talk to the gnome in the house. He tells you that the 10th squad never reached the shipyard and that the squad might have been blown away by the wind to the south. Report back to the king and the king will give you orders to be taken to the new Tree Guardian, Daero.
You are to find Daero and give him the orders from King Narode Shareen. He is located on the second floor of the Grand Tree to the east at the bar. Daero blindfolds you and brings you to an underground chamber. Head south to a reinitialising panel and solve the puzzle. The answer can be found in the crate beside the panel. You land on an island and find the crashed gliders of the 10th squad.
Speak to the gnome there and request that he brings you to Ape Atoll. The gnome will refuse, so speak to the Wing Commander and he will order the gnome to bring you to Ape Atoll.

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