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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: King Arthur, Camelot Castle.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Excalibur Sword.
Quest points gained: 6.
Required Items: Tinderbox and Bread.
NPC: Sir Mordred (lvl 39).

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Talk with King Arthur, and ask him if you are allowed to join the Knights of the Round Table. He will tell you about Merlin who is trapped in a crystal, and tell you to talk with the other knights. Go outside and talk with Sir Gawain, and ask him how Merlin got trapped. Now go upstairs and talk with Lancelot, ask about how to get in to the Morgan Le Faye Stronghold.
Lancelot will tell you that you need to get in using a boat. Now go to Catherby, and speak with Arhein. Ask about where he sails to, and if you can get a lift. He will tell you not yet, since he is waiting for a box of candles. Now go to the back of the candle shop, just north of the boat, and hide in the box there. You will be transported to Keep Le Faye.
Once you're at the Keep, go up the 2 sets of stairs, and kill Sir Mordred (lvl 39). Once you've killed him, Morgan Le Faye will appear. Ask her how to get Merlin out of the crystal, and she will tell you that you need the sword Excalibur, a black candle, bat bones and some magic words. Ask her where to find Excalibur and the magic words.
Bat bones: Well, since you're there anyway, you might as well get the bat bones first. Go down the stairs, out of the doors and kill a bat.
Black Candle: Start by going to Arhein and ‘check’ the crate to the north. Get a bucket from it, now go north to the house with a insect repellent in. Pick it up. Go to the beehives to the west of Catherby, and use the repellent on one of them. Then choose "Take from", and your bucket should fill with wax. Take this back to the candle maker in Catherby, and get him to make the black candle. Use a tinderbox on it to light the candle.
Excalibur: Firstly, you need a bread to do this part. Go to the Lady of the Lake, she is found south of Taverly, and ask her about the sword. After that, go to the jewellery store in Port Sarim, and try to open the door. A beggar will appear, give him your bread, and he will turn in to the Lady of the Lake, who will give you your Excalibur.
Magic Words: You will need to go to the Chaos Altar north of Varrock. 'Check' it, and you will get this line: 'Snarthon Candtrick Termanto'
Go back to Camelot and outside in the garden, find the fountain on the north-eastern part of the grounds, and under the little building, there will be a circle-like thing on the floor, stand in the middle of it, and drop the bat bones. A Spirit will appear, if you say the right words, it will obey you, if not, you must fight it. You will wish that Merlin could be freed. The spirit is level 92. Go to the south-eastern ladder, up the 2 set of ladders, and use your Excalibur on the crystal. Now go back to King Arthur, and he will reward you.

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