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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Sigmund on the first floor of Lumbridge Castle.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: Ring of life, ability to use the Dorgeshuun Mines and 3000 mining exp.
Quest points gained: 1.
Main quest area: Lumbridge Castle and the caverns underneath.
Required skills: Level 17 mining, level 13 agility, level 13 thieving.
Required items: Pickaxe, lantern, tinderbox.
Required quests: Rune Mysteries and Goblin Diplomacy.
NPC: Sigmund, Duke Horacio, Mistag, Hans, Cook, Bob, Father Aereck, Reldo, Kazgar, General Bentnoze, General Wartface.

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Talk to Sigmund and then to Duke Horacio, who tells you about a disturbance in the castle cellar which he asks you to investigate. Talk with either Hans (outside the castle), Bob (axe shop) or Father Aereck (in the church). They tell you that they saw a big Goblin-like creature in the cellar. Go back to the Duke, and he will tell you once again to investigate further. Pickpocket Sigmund for a key. Go down into the cellar (trapdoor in the kitchen). Use your pickaxe on the rubble to the far east of the room and proceed through it. Inside the cavern, take the brooch that spawns where the path splits. Go back to the Duke and show him the brooch. He tells you to talk with Reldo in the Varrock Library (in the castle). Reldo tells you that there's a book on ancient goblin races in one of the bookcases. Search the bookcases on the west wall until you find it and read it. Go to the Goblin Village (north of Falador). Talk to the Generals Bentnoze and Wartface and get them to show you the two emotes the Goblin Bow and the Goblin Dance. Go back to the cellar and this time go all the way to the goblins and talk to a creature named Mistag. Use your "Goblin Bow" emotion. He will then tell you that it was all just an accident, and that he would like you to tell the "ruler of the above-people". Return the way you came and return to the Duke. He will ask you to find the castle's silverware that went missing and that unless it is found he will have no option but to war against the goblins. Use your key on the chest in the room just south of the Duke and Sigmund. In the chest, you will find a set of HAM Robes. Tell the Duke that Sigmund is a member of HAM. Go to the HAM Headquarters which is in the ruins near the spiders in the Lumbridge woods, down the trapdoor (pick the lock) and search the first crate you find. In it you will find the silverware. Go back to the Duke and he will expel Sigmund from the castle. He gives you a peace treaty. Take this treaty to Mistag. Talk to a goblin called Kazgar who is standing near where the brooch was. He will take you to the goblin mines. Talk to Mistag there. You will see a cut scene and this completes the quest.

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