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Speak with Sir Radimus Erkle in the Legends' Guild and he should hand you an incomplete map. Your assignment is to complete it, make friends with the locals, and bring back a totem pole. When you're done talking with Radimus, search the cupboard in his house for a Machete, which you will need throughout the quest. 
When you're done in the legends guild, take the boat to Brimhaven from Ardougne. Head south until you hit Shilo (or you can take Hajedys cart from Brimhaven to Shilo, it will cost you 41gp). Go in, and get your items from the bank. Bringing a prayer restore potion for this part will be a good idea, but it is not needed.
South of Shilo you should see some woods, use your hatchet and machete to hack your way in here, and start mapping the area (right click on the map Radimus gave you and select map). When you've mapped the western, middle and eastern jungle area, go outside again, and you should see a person named Jungle Forester, talk with him, and he will give you a Bull Roarer in return for a copy of your map.
Chop your way back into the southern jungle area, and swing your roarer. Gujuo should now appear, talk with him, and he will ask you for help freeing Sage from the evil demon who has possessed him. Gujuo will tell you about a gold bowl that you will need, and he will give you the plans for this.
To make your bowl, you will need the hammer, two gold bars, and the sketch/plan that Gujuo gave you. The nearest anvil is in the town Tai Bwo Wannai north of Shilo. Go there and make the bowl (use the gold bar on the anvil). Now go back in to the jungle and call for Gujuo again. Tell him you have the bowl, and that he needs to bless it for you.
Note: You need at least 42 prayer points to do this, if you fail you will lose 2 prayer points, and you'll have to try again.
When you have the bowl, head back to Shilo get out some lockpicks, a pickaxe, the 7 gems, and the following runes; 1 Soul Rune, 1 Mind Rune, 1 Earth Rune and 2 Law Runes. Go back in the jungle and find the pond in the centre of the area. Try using your bowl on the water, and you'll discover you can't reach it, then use your machete on the Tall Reeds next to the pond, and then use the hollow reed get from this with the pond. You now have water in the bowl.
Go into the jungle again, and head west, staying at the northern part of the jungle. You should see some rocks forming a triangle, and with an option to search them. Search them, and climb down into the dungeon. You will now see a fire octagon. Investigate it, and talk with Ungadulu, he will throw you out of the octagon. Search the bookcase to the north-east and go through it.
Pick lock the big doors, smash the boulders with your pick axes, run through the death wings, and climb the wall. You should now be in a room with apparently nowhere to go. There should be a wall around there with an option to search it. Do so, and then use your runes on it in this order: Soul, Mind, Earth, Law, Law, making the word SMELL. 
You can now go through the SMELL wall and you will be in an area with 7 ponds. Use your gems with all of the stalagmites next to the ponds, and you should find out what fits where. When you have placed the last gems, your character will walk to the middle of the area, a spell will be unleashed, and a book (Book of Binding) will appear on the ground. Take it and read it.
If you read the book, you should now know how to make holy water, which is a great way to defeat the demon you have to fight next.
Click here for Section Two of the Legends Quest Walkthrough 

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