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Starting location: Speak to the enthusiastic Mercenary Adventurer at Burgh de Rott Ramble start point east of Paterdomus.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Quest Length: Long.
Reward: 2000 Agility, 4000 Crafting, 3000 Magic, 2000 Mining, 2000 Slayer, Tome of Experience, 2nd Ed - 3 chapters of 2500 experience each, Blood talisman, Ivandis Flail, access to the Blood Altar, Paterdomus Columbarium rewards, new 'Vyrewatch' event in Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: Darkness of Hallowvale.
Required Skills: Level 20 Construction, Level 29 Agility, Level 31 Slayer, Level 35 Mining, Level 40 Firemaking, Level 47 Crafting, Level 49 Magic.
Required Items: Melee weapon, Ranged weapon plus ammo, Runes, high healing food, Teak pyre logs, Silver sickle (B), 2 Mithril bars, 2 Silver bars, coal, 1 Cosmic rune, 3 air runes, Rod of Ivandis, and a cut Emerald but all of these items can be obtained during the quest.
Monsters: Zaromark Sliver (Level 80), Fistandantilus (Level 80), Vyrewatch
NPC: Mercenary Adventurer (Ivan Strom), Drezel, Veliaf, Flagian, Kael Forshaw, Safalaan.

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Speak to the Mercenary adventurer who is just to the east of Paterdomus. He will say that strange things have been occurring at Paterdomus. Then speak to Drezel who is inside the temple. He says that he hasn't really noticed anything since he has been busy with renovations. He goes on to say that during the work he discovered a burial chamber, but right now he would rather you to check on the suspicious people upstairs that the adventurer spoke of.

Go out of Paterdomus on the eastern side. Enter the temple on the surface that is full with monks of Zamorak. Go to the top level of the building, up the spiral stair case and then up the ladder. Several mysterious figures will discuss the demise of the Guthixian edicts. They will hear you and teleport. You will be attacked by two remaining members. You need to be able to use at least 2 forms of combat alternately to fight them as they both use the protect against prayers for Magic, Melee, and Ranged. Attack the mage first as he will deal the most damage for most players. He will then block melee so attack the ranger. He will eventually block melee attacks as well, so switch to a ranged weapon and attack. Just continue with thsi strategy to defeat them.

After defeting the two, search the table near the blackboard. Inspect the items that you receive. Head back to Drezel and speak with him. It appears as though Saradominists and Zamorakians are conspiring against the followers of Guthix to rid the world of balance. Drezel asks you to take the Mercenary adventurer to Burgh de Rott. Offer and then agree to take the adventurer outside to Burgh de Rott. This will use the Temple Trekking mini game with an extension. Remember you can only use blessed silver weapons against vampyres. Unlike during aid of the Myreque the adventurer is quite strong and can take many more hits, however it is advised to give him food before leaving. Just to note, he can take 15 items, and if you log out he will lose them. Take whichever route you feel capable of and then kill any monsters or vampyres that attempt to kill him and you. Obstacles will appear at times but all the necessary items can be obtained from the environment.

Once you reach your destination the adventurer will reveal himself as Ivan Strom and explains that he has left Paterdomus to visit his friends in the Myreque. Speak to Veliaf Hurtz in the inn cellar. Tell him about the Zamorakian and Saradominist meeting. Then ask for a job and he will give you provisions to take to the Myreque HQ in Meiryerditch. Bank items you don't need to reduce your weight, put on Vyrewatch clothes if you have them. These can be purchased from Trader Sven. Take the boat to Meiryditch and then follow the sickles marked on house walls to the headquarters. Alternatively allow a Vyrewatch capture you, mine 15 ore and then run south to the HQ.

Speak to Safalaan, then Flaygian Screwte. Once asked about his research he will explain that Vampyres and the Vyrewatch are hard to kill because they can sense most movements. He suggests that creating an unpredictable weapon could harm them, and if you ask to help he will suggest speaking to the new Myreque recruits there (eastern side of the room). They will all suggest a silver flail as the weapon and that a book someone was reading might be able to back the theory up for Flaygian to base his work on. Search the beds and lockers in the middle of the headquarters, the book is on the middle northern side bed. Read the book and note the page that it says the flail is described on. Speak to Flaygian again and tell him the page number. He will then thank you and give you a hammer and 10 nails. He wants you to find a furnace next to the northern wall of the city so that you can smith a rod of Ivandis.

Head to the northern most building from the Myreque headquarters, then enter the building just south of it and use your nails on the wooden post. Climb up the post with nails in it and then jump over the rooftops to reach the northern building. Jump onto the damaged wall to get inside and then climb up the ladder. Search all of the containers in the room to get supplies and coal and then search the trough to peer down the gap. Go down the ladders to the ground floor and then excavate the debris using the pickax. Use the coal with the now revealed furnace and then light it with a tinderbox. Return to the Myreque hideout and speak to Flaygian.

Flaygian will want to make a Rod of Ivandis to use in the flail's production. Search the room's shelves, barrels and containers for supplies you need. Take a chisel and a saw from the tool rack, a blessed silver sickle can be found on the shelf near Flaygian (you can only take one), two silver bars and two mithril bars can be found in a bucket full of bars. You can find a 'silvthril' chain mould in a crate near the ladder in the room to the south-east. Head back to the furnace and smith a silvthril chain. Return to Flaygian and speak to him, then use the silver sickle (b) on him. Speak to Safalaan and he will want you to investigate the laboratory you uncovered during the last

Head to the laboratory. When you enter the dungeon Safalaan and his comrades will try to scare you by playing dead. Speak to Safalaan and then search the door to the south. Use your saw on the door and then climb through the gap. You may want to turn protect from melee on as there are Zombie hands and Mutated bloodvelds that require Slayer levels to attack. Follow the tunnels north-west and enter the large open cavern where four stones stand at the centre. Safalaan will ask you to help them search around the room as he sense a magical presence. Search the corpse to the north, and you will get a cosmic rune, 3 air runes, 1 law rune and 5 fire runes. Afterwards, you will need to search the strange stones this later becomes the blood altar. Speak to Safalaan, Vyrewatch will arrive and attack. Don't panic; a cutscene will save you as Safalaan releases an energy from his body that scares off the Vampyres. You will be returned to the Myreque hideout, speak to Safalaan again, although he won't reveal the source of his power he will hand you the components of the flail to work on.

Use the emerald on the blessed sickle and then level-2 emerald enchant it. The use the blessed sickle emerald(b) with the Silvthril chain whilst the rod of Ivandis is in your inventory to create the Ivandis flail. Speak to Safalaan once more and then leave the headquarters and kill a Vyrewatch with the Ivandis flail equipped. This should be fairly easy but make sure you have enough Prayer points or food to cope with the fight. Once the Vyrewatch is dead, take its corpse and return to Safalaan. He will be pleased and will ask you to report to Veliaf and to present the corpse to Drezel. Head out of Meiyerditch and return to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott. Tell him what you have learned and then ask what to do next. Head to Paterdomus to speak with Drezel.

With a pyre log and tinderbox on you speak to Drezel back in Paterdomus. Speak to him about the Vyrewatch corpse and he will be horrified, like the shade remains in Mort'ton the soul of the vampyre is tortured and needs to be freed. Enter the columbarium entrance on the northern main chamber wall. Set your pyre logs down on the funeral pyre, add the Vyrewatch corpse and light it. An ornate tomb key will appear as a reward on the pedestal, take it. Use the key on a shining wall storage just east of the staircase, you will receive a blood talisman. Drezel will bless you for your work. Speak to Drezel and then finally return to Veliaf to complete the quest.


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