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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to Grubfoot in the Cave Goblin Mine, near Mistag.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 3000 Agility, 23000 Fishing, 3000 Herblore, 2000 Prayer, 3000 Strength, 3000 Thieving, ability to buy Plain of Mud teleport spheres, ability to make goblin transformation potions, access to the altar in the Goblin Temple.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Another Slice of H.A.M., Fishing Contest.
Required Skills: Level 30 Prayer, Level 36 Agility, Level 36 Thieving, Level 36 Fishing, Level 37 Herblore.
Required Items: Light source, Unfinished toadflax potion, Goblin mail, 5 gp, Blue dye, Purple dye, Yellow dye, Orange dye, Black mushroom ink, Slimey eel, Fishing rod
Monsters: Skoblin (Level 15), Snothead (Level 35), Snailfeet (Level 45), Mosschin (Level 55), Redeyes (Level 65), Strongbones (Level 75).
NPC: Grubfoot, Mistag, Zanik, Oldak, Makeover Mage, High Priest, Aggie.

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Talk to Grubfoot and listen to his story. Tell Mistag that you will vouch for him and that you will enter the city. Go to Oldak's house, located in the north-western ground floor of the city, and speak with Zanik. Grubfoot will tell you about a dream he had about Zanik and Yu'biusk, the homeland of the goblins. Grubfoot believes Zanik will lead the goblins back to their homeland to live in peace. Zanik will decide to investigate this. Grubfoot says that the high priest in the Goblin Temple might know how to get to Yu'biusk.

Oldak will teleport you to the cave outside the temple. Go to the north-western section of the cave and talk to one of the goblin guards. Zanik will enter, but you will be denied entry because you are a human. Go back to Dorgesh-Kaan and speak with Oldak. He will suggest that you visit the Makeover Mage to learn about becoming a goblin. Speak with the Makeover Mage, located south-west of Falador, and you will be given instructions on making a goblin transmogrification potion. Mix a toadflax with a vial of water and add the berries that the Makeover Mage provides to you to make the goblin potion. Return to the cave of the Goblin Temple, drink the potion, choose your appearance, and enter the temple.

Enter the temple and speak to the High Priest in the north-eastern corner. Ask him where Zanik is. He will tell you that she could not answer his test correctly and was imprisoned in the black-armoured goblin's area. Leave the temple and pick one of the mushrooms in the cave. Use it with a pestle and mortar with an empty vial in your inventory to get black die, then use this with goblin armour to get black goblin armour. Wear this and enter the room east of the High Priest. Speak with Zanik, who will tell you that her Moving-Over-Distance Sphere was taken from her but should be in a nearby crate. Search the crates, speak with Zanik again, and watch her teleport away.

Go back to the High priest and ask about Yu'biusk. He will tell you that you must pass a test. Take his test and answer his questions:

1a. True.
1b. Because the big high war god commands it.
2a. False
2b. Because goblins were not mighty before he chose them.
3a. False
3b. It's one of the commandments.
4. Lead goblins to victory over the whole world.

He will then allow you to ask him more questions. Ask about Yu'biusk again, and he will tell you that the previous High Priest might know. However, the previous high priest is dead. His bones are being kept in the tomb in back of the temple, and he can be convened with by speaking his name over his grave. However, the tomb door is locked by six keys kept by the priests of each of the tribes in the temple. The tribes identify themselves with the colours of their clothes.

Go to Aggie in Draynor Village and have her make you 2 red dyes, 2 yellow dyes, and 2 blue dyes. Combine a yellow and red dye into orange dye and a blue and red dye into purple dye. Ask about white dye. She will tell you to bring her a Hemenster Whitefish, which can only be fished in Hemenster using slimy eels as bait. Bring a fishing rod and slimy cave eel to Hemenster (located between Seers' Village and the Fishing Guild, where the Fishing Competition was). Fish a Hemenster Whitefish and bring it and your goblin armour to Aggie. She will dye it white. Return to the Goblin Temple and go to each of the goblin rooms. Dye your goblin armour as needed to get into the rooms. Pickpocket the priests for their keys. Bring the keys to the large door west of the High priest and open it.

Enter the large stone door. Go to the grave immediately left of the gate and speak Snothead's name above it. Defeat Snothead and ask him what the name of his predecessor was. Go to the grave across from Snothead's and speak the name Snailfeet over it. Defeat Snailfeet, ask him his predecessor's name, and move to the grave on the same wall as Snothead's. Repeat for the grave across from that, and finally the last grave. Ask Strongbones where Yu'biusk is, and he will tell you that it is on another plane; when the planes' boundaries weaken, goblin blood will cry out to return home.

Return to Dorgesh-Kaan and go to Oldak's house. Speak with Zanik and tell her what you learned. Oldak and Zanik will get the idea of using the Fairy Ring south of the city to go to Yu'biusk. They will teleport. Go to the southern end of the city and enter the South Dorgeshuun Dungeon. Go down the slope to the west and follow the path south, east, then north. Speak with Oldak to learn how to operate his machine. Give 9 to the outer ring, 4 to the middle ring, and 1 to the inner ring. You will be transported to Yu'biusk. Go north and attempt to open the strange box with Zanik. Zanik will vanish and you will automatically run out. You will reappear in Oldak's room and, after a brief conversation, the quest will be complete.


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