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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Speak to the Gossip at Sinclair Mansion gate.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 33000 Defence, 5000 Magic, reward lamp granting 5000 experience in one skill over level 50, access to the Camelot Training Room, and upon completion of the Camelot Training Room: Chivalry and Piety Prayers, and choice to respawn in Camelot.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Black Knights' Fortress, Merlin's Crystal, Holy Grail, Murder Mystery, and One Small Favour.
Required Skills: Level 45 Magic, Level 65 Defence.
Required Items: Telekinetic grab runes (1 law 1 air) or lockpick, bronze medium helm, iron chainbody, a piece of Granite (any size), black platebody, black platelegs (or plateskirt), black full helm.
NPC: Gossip, Guard, Mary the Maid, Pierre the Dog Handler, Hobbes the Butler, Anna, Judge, Merlin, Wizard Cromperty, King Arthur.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Talk to the Gossip near the gates of the Sinclair Mansion and he will tell you that the Sinclair Family has vanished. Anna is suspected because of insurmountable evidence, and is locked in the Seer's Village jail. To make matters more peculiar, King Arthur and his knights have also disappeared. When you agree to investigate the Gossip will tell you that the Guard in Sinclair Mansion might have more to say.

Speak to the Guard. He will tell you that the Seer's Village Council has locked up both the Sinclair Mansion and Camelot. Go to the east side of the Sinclair Mansion and break the window closest to the dog pen. After you enter, take the Scrap paper from next to the fireplace in the northeast corner of the dining room. Head upstairs, and take the Address Form from the table in the center room. Search the bookcase directly southwest of it for a black knight helm.

Go back to the smashed window and "break" it again to leave. Talk to the Guard to show him your evidence. He won't be able to do anything for a month, but suggests a rogue such as yourself would do well to learn the Sinclair history.

Find a gossip and ask him about the Sinclair family history. Ask about the family, the mansion, and Anna. He tells you that Anna is locked up in Seer's Village jail and no lawyer will represent her. Head south down the path to Seer's Village until you get to the courthouse. Speak to Anna. She will swear innocence immediately. She will offer to show you the way into Camelot if you agree to be her defence attorney. Agree to defend her and she'll give you a thread. She says the servants will recognize that the color is also worn by one of her siblings.

You can choose to return to the house and question the servants to find out what each of them knows about the case. However this is optional so you may instead go directly to court. Head down the stairs in the courthouse to enter the courtroom. After a short cut scene, the judge will ask you to question your witnesses. Call the following witnesses (to call a new witness, you must click on the judge):

  • Butler - Ask about the dagger
  • Dog Handler - Ask about the poison
  • Maid - Ask about the night of the murder
  • Ask any of these three witnesses about the thread
The Judge will call a halt and the Jury will find Anna "Not guilty." Click on the gate behind you to exit. Ask Anna for details on the secret passage into Camelot.

Follow the wall around Camelot to the east side where, just south of the small Camelot garden, you will see a statue. Search the statue and you will end up in a cut scene. It turns out that Anna, David, and Morgan Le Faye planned all of this from the beginning. They will knock you out and throw you in jail.

Speak to Merlin and go through every question, then ask the knights if they have any ideas on how to escape. Right-click the vent on the north wall and select "reach." Merlin will escape through the vent on a human pyramid in a cut scene. You can escape this way also if you forgot your telekinetic grab runes or lockpick, but you must return to the statue and pick the lock in order to release the knights and continue the quest.

To get out, you must now pick the lock on the metal door. If you did not bring a lockpick, you'll need something to pick the lock. Examine a guard outside the cell to find one combing his hair. Use telekinetic grab on him to obtain his hair clip. Use your lockpick or hair clip on the metal door to open the Tumbler puzzle.

You will need to match each tumbler up with its correct height to escape. It's a (Mastermind) game of guessing and chance, with the help of a "score" on the left showing if your tumbler guesses are correct. The lock will reset after 10 guesses. After solving the puzzle, you will be at the rear door of Keep Le Faye. Go inside and up two flights of stairs to the top floor. Search the table with boxes on it. You can optionally click "Show riddle" in the top left to get a riddle hinting which box contains the Holy Grail, but it's not required. Select the purple box, second from the right. The grail will appear in your pack.

You now need to visit Wizard Cromperty, so head to his house, which is just northeast of Ardougne market. Talk to Wizard Cromperty, who will provide you with an animate rock scroll. This, he tells you, when used with the Holy Grail and a piece of granite, will free Arthur.

Go to the Black Knights' Fortress and put on your bronze medium helm and iron chainbody. Enter the central door on the southern side of the fortress. Put on your black armour and push the wall directly north of you. Go down the ladder to find King Arthur as a statue. Click to free him and a cut scene will show him being released from the spell. Speak with him to give him the guard uniform (bronze medium helm and iron chainbody) as a disguise. He will tell you to meet him in Camelot. Speak to King Arthur in Camelot and he will reward you.


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