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Starting location: Speak to Kennith at his house in Witchaven.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Quest Length: Medium.
Reward: 12000 Mining, 5000 Agility, access to a robidium mine, ability to make super Fishing explosives.
Quest points gained: 1.
Required Quests: Slug Menace.
Required Skills: Level 46 Mining.
Required Items: Super energy potions.
NPC: Kennith, Kent, Caroline, Kimberly, Ezekial Lovecraft, Clive, Katherine, Villager.

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Talk to Kennith who is a child in the house most west in Witchaven. He will ask you to investigate the strange happenings under Witchaven. Walk just west of the start point and enter the ruins. Once you have climbed down the ladder, walk through the wall opening to the east and follow the trail until you see villagers. The villagers say that their work is not yet complete.

Return to Kennith and let him know. He asks you to go again and reveals that he only wants people back because he is bored. Walk east of the chapel in Witchaven and speak to Kent and Caroline, Kennith's parents. Kent will slip you a note that asks you to meet him at the entrance to the Legend's guild. Walk north to the Legend's guild and speak with Kent. He tells you that he was afraid to speak to you where Kennith could hear. He asks you to make sure that Kennith's friend, Kimberly, is safe.

Find Kimberly in the northernmost house. She is scared and hasn't seen her parents in a few hours. She asks you to come around Witchaven with her while she looks for her parents. A cutscene will occur and you will find yourself being followed by 4 villagers. Make sure they are all behind you, then walk into the church. When you have them all inside, run outside and close the door. Return to Kimberly and let her know you have locked them all up. Go with Kimberly to speak to Kennith. Kennith will tell Kimberly she is a wimp and she should look for her parents herself. You discover that his parents have disappeared as well, but he is not worried. Another cutscene will occur. Use the same tactics to lock up the villagers again.

Go now and speak to Ezekial. He will tell you that he can get you past the villagers if you meet him down there. Go back to the old ruins and reach the area that you went to at the beginning of the quest. This time, Ezekial will be there. With his help, the villagers will let you through. Enter the next room. Your goal is to make it across to the right side of the room without being seen by the villagers, who will throw you out. Watch the villagers carefully to see how they move and move accordingly to avoid them. Wait for the 3 carters to face away and the two patrollers to face away, then click the carts to crouch behind them, or just run full-speed south to get behind the long wall. Then go east and wait for the patrolling villager to go west past you - run into the first deep alcove. They cannot see in the alcoves at all. Wait for him to meet the other guard and return back past you before moving to the middle alcove.

Prospect and then mine the small black hole in the wall opposite the middle alcove, returning there to hide as needed to avoid the villagers. You will appear in a long rail tunnel. Walk south, west and then north to the end of the tunnel and pull the lever. Ezekial emerges and tells you to move on to the next area. Walk back through the tunnel and through the door across from the hole in the wall.

In the next room, Ezekial will tell you that you will need to fight the slugs with heat by mining Rubium in the walls of the next room. These look like red blotches on the walls. Mine 4 of the 6 ore deposits and use them with the steam vents on the floor, but be carefule. If you are caught, the ores will disappear. Note that when you are mining the ore, the barrier walls do not protect you from the sight of the villagers on the far side of the room, so duck near to the barriers as needed.

The key in this room is that the four carters cannot see when they are close to and facing the central pillar - it entirely blocks their view. So move only when they are near it. Working counter clockwise around the room is suggested. The guard at the south east door cannot see when he is in the act of turning. It's best to leave the north east vent until last. It is possible to run all the way from crouching behind the south cart to the north east corner/cart.

After the villagers collapse, move on to the next room. The next room is a little more difficult, but you must apply the same concept. First wait for the two carters to turn south, then run to the white area of the wall in the middle of the room to break through it, and hop into the safe alcove. Note that there are four ore deposits in the top right, so you can follow that villager on his clockwise route to mine all four in one trip, then duck back to the centre alcove. However, first watch the villager at the door to see that he pivots rhythmically, more often than the patrolling villagers move. It's best to return and deposit an ore in each of the vents on the west half of the room before heading for the final exposed vent on the east side. After the villagers collapse, again move to the next room. There you encounter Kimberly's parents, Clive and Katherine. They claim that their bodies are puppets and beg you to help them escape.

Leave through the way you came. As you leave, Kennith will encounter you, enraged about the loss of his train. He tells you that he enslaved the minds of all the people in his anger. He captures Kimberly, and Ezekial tells you that the only thing that can save her is if you find Kennith's train. Exit back to Witchaven. Search around town for Kennith's train. If you are having trouble, ask Kimberly for a hint. Look around the base of the building she mentions. Go back through the tunnels and give Kennith the train. He will immediately begin playing with it. Kennith warns you that the queen is coming for you, but Kent says that Kennith is just tired and saying stuff. Ezekial tells you that he has a new plan for what to do with Rubium but refuses to tell you.


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