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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Talk to Trufitus who can be found in the jungle south of Brimhaven. Trufitus mentions he needs a special potion to commune with the gods but he need special herbs found deep in the jungle. These herbs are as follows: snake weed, ardrigal, sito foil, volencia moss and rogues purse.
Quest difficulty level: Easy.
Reward: 875 Herblore exp.
Quest points gained: 1. 
Required Quest: The Druidic Ritual Quest must have been completed.
Recommended Item: Antipoison potion.

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Snake weed:
This herb can be found south west of Trufitus's hut. You will find it under a plant called marshy jungle vine. When you pick it up it says un-identified herbs, id it. Take the snake weed back to Trufitus in his hut.
Ardrigal: Go north east of Trufitus's hut and find a peninsula with palm trees. Search the palms to eventually find a herb. Id it and return to Trufitus.
Sito foil: This one is easy, just go south of the hut till you find two fires surrounded by black ground. Search the areas called scorched earth there you will find the sito foil. Take back to Trufitus and get the clues for the next herb.
Volencia moss: This is found south east of the hut. There is a mining area with a few grey rocks. Search them to find the herb.
Rogues purse: Go north of the hut and there is a cliff. Go down by the beach and search the rock with the "!" to find a cave entrance. Enter it and go down heading south to find a fungus covered wall, search it and take the herb, then return to Trufitus. This completes the quest.

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