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Also known as: Rune Scape


Starting location: Talk to Veliaf Hurtz at the Myreque hideout.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 2,000 Attack, Defence, Strength, and Crafting experience, Access to the bank, furnace, general store, and other parts of Burgh de Rott, An equipable Gadderhammer weapon (which is especially effective on ghasts), Ability to make the equipable Rod of Ivandis (10), Ability to make and use Guthix Balance Potions, The ability to play the Temple Trekking mini-game.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Quests: In Search of the Myreque and Nature Spirit.
Required Skills: Level 15 Mining, 25 Crafting, 7 Magic, and the ability to kill a level 60 enemy that is resistant to most weapons.
Required Items: Coins (around 5,000), 1 edible food item (either bring ghast protection or 2 food items in case 1 gets rotted by ghasts), 2 steel bars, 1 mithril bar, 1 silver bar, 1 coal, 1 cut sapphire, about 20 nails of any metal, a pickaxe, a spade or a pot, 5 buckets (less buckets work, but are slower), 10 bronze axes, 4 tinderboxes, the silver sickle (b) from nature spirit, a rope, a soft clay, and 1 cosmic and 1 water rune.
Suggested Items: A big net because there is a 50:50 chance that you will need 10 mackerel (raw or cooked) for the quest, and there are mackerel fishing spots south of the village.
Suggested Quests: Do the Shades of Mort’ton quest for access to Razmire`s general store and builder store in Mort'ton, so you can buy planks and other supplies for this quest. You should also use a Serum 207 (p) on Razmire to make buying from him much easier. If you can`t do that, bring 11 planks (get planks from respawns near the barbarian outpost or in the eastern wilderness), a swamp paste (to get a swamp paste mix swamp tar, which can be found in the Lumbridge swamps, with flour then cook it, or just buy swamp paste from the shop in Port Khazard), and a hammer.
Monsters: Gadderanks (level 35), Vampyre Juvinate (level 50), Vampyre Juvinate (level 54), Vampyre Juvinate (level 75).
NPC: Veliaf Hurtz, Florin, Aurel, Cornelius, Gadderanks, Vampyre Juvinates, Wiskit, Radigad Ponfit, Polmafi Ferdygris, Ivan, Father Drezel.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

First of all you need these items: The food item (with the ghast protection or extra food item), pickaxe, 5 buckets, pot or spade, about 20 nails, and the money (about 5k). If you can manage, also take the 10 bronze axes and 3 tinderboxes to save a bank trip. Go to the Myreque hideout. If you don't know how to get to the hideout here are the directions: Go down the trapdoor south of the bar in Canafis, then squeeze past (a right click) the first set of stalagmites to the east. Talk to Veliaf Hurtz, get info from him and accept to help him. Go to Mort'ton. To get there, go south from that stalagmite exit down to the door at south end of the cave, exit through the door, go south across the rope bridge, then south and take the swamp boaty) and take the road going south from Mort'ton to Burgh de Rott. Talk to Florin and ask him all possible questions. Now check the table and chest next to him and put some food into the chest. You will now be allowed into the city. Talk to Florin once more and ask about 'out of the way' places. He will tell you about the basement of the pub. Go to the pub, climb over the broken wall and use your pickaxe on the rubble. Go downstairs and cut down the rubble piles with your pickaxe. Get the rubble out of the pub by using the pot or spade on the mined rubble when having a bucket in your inventory. You will also get a plaster fragment, dusty scroll, and some random nails. Keep all of the nails. You can read and throw away the other two pieces. If possible, buy 6 planks and a hammer from Razmire's shop, or if you can't, just bring them. Next you will need to help the citizens. Firstly you need to talk to the general store owner. He will need you to fix the walls and the roof. Climb to the roof, use your planks (3 planks) on the roof with a hammer and the nails in your inventory to fix it. Go back downstairs and use your planks, 3 planks with the hammer and nails in your inventory, on the damaged wall. Talk to the general store owner. He will give you a crate. You have to fill it with three tinderboxes, 10 mackerel (raw or cooked) or 10 snails, and 10 bronze axes. If he asks for snails, go and kill snails to the west of Mort'ton and get 10 meats. If he asks for mackerel, fish the spots to the south with your big net to catch 10 mackerel. Put either the snails or the mackerel in the box. Go back to a bank, unless you have these items and get the 10 bronze axes, and 3 tinderboxes and put them in the box, too. When the crate is full, go back to Burgh de Rott and give the crate back to the owner. He will thank you, then ask you to fix the bank. Go to the bank. Buy 5 more planks and a swamp paste from Razmire's shop. Use 2 planks, a hammer, and a swamp paste on the broken booth to fix it. Use 3 planks, nails, and a hammer on the broken wall inside the bank. Ask Cornelius (the bank owner) what needs to be done and ask if he wants the job in the bank. He will start to work in the bank and you can use it now. Next you need to fix the furnace. Have a hammer in your inventory. Use one of your two steel bars on it, put a coal in it, and light the fire with a tinderbox. You will now see a cut-scene. Go to general store and talk to Gadderanks. He will tell you that the general store is now used to collect the blood tithes. Talk to the vampires and people in the general store until the screen blacks out. Wield your blessed silver sickle and begin to kill the vampires. Veliaf will come to help you battle them. When they're dead, kill Gadderanks with any weapon, DON'T use poison, this will mess up the storyline and you will have to redo the fight. Once you have killed them all, talk to Gadderanks to hear his lines, then to Veliaf to tell him to go back to the old hideout. There will be level 75 monsters to fight, so you might want to take armour or protect from melee prayer for this part of the quest. You need to go to the Myreque hideout now and talk to Veliaf again. He will ask you to talk to the others to move out and help Ivan out. Talk to Radigad and Pomafi and they will know to move out too. Now talk to Ivan and move out with him. You should try to get Ivan in the slot of the bushes so you can easily fight the vampires while Ivan is safe. Another method of keeping Ivan safe is to attack both of the vampires before they attack Ivan and alternate fighting them to distract them both from Ivan while you fight them. It is also possible to give food to Ivan while in the base. Ivan will only take certain foods (like snails and stews) up to a maximum of 15 foods. You can also give Ivan a silver sickle, steel chain, steel legs, and/or a steel medium while still at the base. This equipment will allow him to help fight the vampires or have defence to last against them longer. Once you are at your destination, talk to Father Drezel. Talk with him about all options and you will get a key. Use it to the keyhole east of Drezel and a trapdoor will open. Go down and search the bookcases. Read the three books and go to the basement of the Canafis pub. Before going in get a hammer, rope, wet clay, mithril bar, silver bar, cut sapphire, and the cosmic and water rune from the bank. Go in the pub basement and use a hammer on the boarded up entrance and go in. Use a soft clay on the tomb to get a rod clay mould. Go to a furnace and use a mithril bar on furnace while having a silver bar and a cut sapphire in inventory to make a Silvthrill Rod. Now cast a level 1 enchant on it and use it on the well near Drezel while having a rope in your inventory. Take the rod to Veliaf under the pub of Burgh de Rott. This completes the quest..

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