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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: South-east of the bridge over the River Elid, talk to the Wanderer at her camp in the Southern reaches of the desert.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Amulet of Catspeak, 4500 thieving xp, 4500 agility xp, 4000 woodcutting xp.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required skills: You must be able to beat a lvl 80 Boss.
Required items: 30gp, willow log, 2 buckets, knife, tinderbox, food and anti-poison for the pyramid, 4 waterskins, kitten cat. 
Required quests: Gertrude's Cat Quest.
Monsters: Lvl 75 guardian, lvl 80 Boss.
NPC: Wanderer, High priest, Embalmer, Carpenter, Sphinx.

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Talk to the Wanderer, she is situated north-east of the gate to Sophanem. She will react strangely to your cat and asks you to take it away. Ask her why and she will offer to show you a secret passage into the city if you take it away. When you do so she will require another favour of you before she shows you. Give her a full waterskin and a tinderbox. She hypnotises you and you will now be in the town.
Touch the pyramid entrance door behind you and you will get a memory flashback and are teleported inside the pyramid. You are dizzy and have to find the jar for your mistress. Avoid the walltraps and eat food when you need to. Jump over the hole when you see it and solve the puzzle on the door to the west.
The last traps were the only traps you will need to pass. There is a passage with more wallcrushers east of where you make the jump. There are also more traps there. Once you are past them you can take 50gp out of a chest.
Outside the pyramid speak to the sphinx. Ask it for help and go through the conversation until you get a riddle. The correct answer is 9. The sphinx will tell you to speak to the high priest. The sphinx gives you a token so that the high priest will talk to you.
Talk to the high priest in the temple in the southwest part of the town. He tells you that you should return the jar to the pyramid.
Get back into the pyramid with some help from your cat. Go back to the room where you solved the puzzle. In there you will get another flashback. Take the south one of the jars and fight the level 75 guardian.
Once you are out of this flashback return to the room and drop the jar where you took it from. Go back to the high priest. He now tells you to help the embalmer and carpenter to prepare for the ceremony.
Speak to the embalmer first who is directly south of the temple, he says he needs some sap, some salt and some linen for the ceremony.
Go to the carpenter who is to the east of the embalmer. Give him the willow logs. To the north of the carpenter there are linen manufacturers. Speak to the purple hooded one and he will sell you some linen for 30gp.
Find an evergreen tree and use your knife on it with a bucket and you will get some sap.
Travel back to the town and on your way use your other bucket on the salt lake to the north. To get back in you have to go to the cave just east of where you met the wanderer. Use the full bucket on the pillar in the middle of the mirrors in the southeast part of town. Search the pillar to get some salt.
Give all the items to the embalmer and he will tell you to speak to the high priest again. The high priest suggests that the carpenter may have finished with the holy symbol. Walk back to him and watch him add the finishing touches to it, he then gives it to you.
Walk back into the pyramid. You will get another flashback. Hide the unholy symbol in one of the sarcophaguses in the right chamber. Once you snap out of it walk back there.
The ceremony starts as you walk into the chamber, but the priests refuse to listen to your warnings. The devourer appears and talks about doom. She summons a minion lvl 91. It fights you with spells, use food and prayer if you need to.
The priest is grateful when you have defeated the warrior. He tells you to meet him back at the temple. You get another flashback that gives you more information. Go back to the high priest to claim your reward. This completes the quest.

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