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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Speak with Larrisa in the lighthouse north of the Barbarian Outpost in Kandarin.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: Prayer book and around 3k range exp.
Prayer book information: You start of with a damaged/incomplete book, and you get four pages for it by doing treasure trails. You need to get the right pages to fit in your book, reddish are Zamorak pages, white are Saradomin and greenish are Guthix. The book gives +5 prayer bonus, and is wielded in the shield spot in your equipment screen. When you have a complete book you can perform different kinds of ceremonies, and they will give you bonuses (attack, defence, strength and the +5 prayer). When you have completed one book you can get another from Jossik for 5,000gp, you need to have a complete book before being able to buy a new one of an other God.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: Level 35 agility, ability to kill a level 100 monster, magic 13+ recommended. Access to the Barbarian Outpost needed (check Bar Crawl in the walkthrough if you don't have access already).
Required Items: 2 planks, 8 nails, hammer, tinderbox, swamp tar, molten glass, 1 air, fire, water and earth rune, 1 sword (can't get it back, so max steel would be a good idea) and an arrow.
Note: Range attacks and all four basic rune (air, water, earth and fire) magic attacks are highly effective, so bring the runes for around 10-15 of each spell, and around 30 arrows and bow. You can kill it without, but it requires a lot of food/prayer potions.
Monsters: Dagganoth (level 100)
NPC: Jossik (lighthouse), Larrisa (lighthouse), Gunnjoen (Barbarian Outpost Agility Area).

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

When you arrive at the lighthouse, speak with Larrisa, and she will tell you to go to her cousin Gunnjorn and get the lighthouse key. Ask where he is and how to fix the bridge, and then head off to the east and fix the bridge there by using one plank on each side. Now go south to the Barbarian Outpost and speak with the owner of the agility course (Gunnjorn), who will give you the key for the lighthouse. Go back and speak with Larissa, then enter the lighthouse.
Once inside, speak with her again, and she'll ask you to fix the light. Go all the way up and use your tar on the machinery, then tinderbox, and then molten glass, it will now light up. Go down and talk with Larrisa, and then up on the first floor, search the bookcase and get Jossiks' Journal, read it, and after that search again for the ancient diary, read this as well. Go down and down the iron ladder, you'll now be in a cave. A little to the north you'll find a strange wall where you use your runes, sword and arrow on it. Then open the wall, climb down the ladder and talk with Jossik. Now get ready to kill a beast. Here's how you kill it. It has a total of 6 different colours, you can only do damage on it if you use the right kind of attack for each colour.
Red - Fire spells (strikes, bolts, blasts or waves)
Brown - Earth spells (strikes, bolts, blasts or waves)
Blue - Water spells (strikes, bolts, blasts or waves)
White - Air spells (strikes, bolts, blasts or waves)
Green - Ranged attack (Special attacks)
Yellow - Melee attack (Dragon dagger (p) is a good idea)
When you've killed it you'll have a chest in your inventory. Go to the first floor with this and speak with Jossik who will ask you to read what the chest says, simply choose the Runescape God you believe in (Saradomin, Zamorak or Guthix), and you will receive a book of that God. There is no 'right' God to choose, it's totally up to you.
Bar Crawl:
(For those without access to the outpost)
BlueMoon Inn: In Varrock, east of the sword shop.
Blurberry's Bar: In the Grand Tree (Gnome Stronghold), go up to the first floor and to the east.
Dead Man's Chest: This is in the southern end of Brimhaven.
Dragon Inn: South-west Yanille.
Flying Horse Inn: Westhern part of East Ardougne.
Foresters Arms: In Seer's Village, west of the bank.
Jolly Boar Inn: North-east of Varrock, near the wilderness.
Karamja Spirits Bar: On Karamja, east of the general store.
Rising Sun Inn: In Falador, north of the White Knights Castle.
Rusty Anchor Inn: Nothern part of Port Sarim.

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