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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: In the house south of Ardougne Castle.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 2000gp and 1,500 Thieving exp.
Quest points gained: 1.

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Ceril: Speak to him and he will ask you to help him retrieve his suit of armour that some thieves stole. He also tells you about a cave down south that they hide in. You have two choices to complete this quest. The good side where you don't help Clivet and the bad side where you do help him. Go south and cross the bridge, go east and enter the cave (market with a red (!)).
Bad Side: This is where you agree to help the thieves. Clivet tells you if you want to enter the gang, you must kill a family member of the Cerillians. Clivet gives you a bottle of poison.
Murder: Go back to the mansion and down to the basement. Use your poison on the range. Then go upstairs and speak to the family members to find out the scruffy, the dog, is dead.
Sewer: Go back to Clivet and he gives you a Mark of Hazeel. Now go up again and turn the valves and find the right way to turn them.
Base: When you've done the sewer valves, go back to the cave and ride the raft. Talk to Alomone who tells you about Hazeel. He tells you about a scroll that is in Cerillian's house. Board the raft again and go to the mansion.
Key: Go to the house and go downstairs to find the cook. Look in the crate to find key.
Scroll: Go to first floor and knock on the wall to the left of the bookcase in the room to the east. Climb up the ladder, use the key on the chest and search it to get the scroll. Go back to Alomone and give him the scroll. Alomone will cast the spell and Hazeel will come alive. He will reward you.
Good Side: When you're talking with Clivet, don't agree to help him, and go back to the mansion. Talk to Ceril again and go to turn the sewer valves.
Base: Take the raft to base and talk to Alomone. He will tell you about the butler that's on his side and then he attacks you. Kill Alomone and he will drop the armour.
Cervil: Go back to the mansion and give Cervil his armour and you tell him about his butler but he doesn't believe you. Go to the first floor and search the cupboard to find some poison. Talk to Cervil again and he rewards you. This completes the quest.

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