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Also known as: Rune Scape

Starting location: Speak with Zealot in the Mines in Morytania, located south-west of Mort'ton.
Quest difficulty level: Medium.
Reward: 22.000 strength exp. and the crystal to make a Salve Amulet (just use a string of wool on the crystal), which increases your attack and strength with 15% when fighting the undead. It also gives you +3 defence to all.
Quest points gained: 2.
Required Skills: Level 15 Agility, 35 Crafting and ability to defeat a level 95 enemy. Protect from Missiles (level 40 prayer) recommended. 
Required Items: Chisel and Food. Prayer and super energy potion(s) recommended. As always when fighting high level monsters, dragon amulet, ring of duelling or other means of teleportation is a good idea.
Monsters: Treus Dayth (level 95).
NPC: Zealot (Quest start in the Mines in Morytania, located south-west of Mort'ton).

Scroll down for the walkthrough for this quest..

Zealot: After speaking with Zealot (telling him that you are a follower of Saradomin), pickpocket him to get the key he didn't want to give you when speaking to him. Go south and you should come to a mining cart, climb over it and follow the road and you'll come to the entrance of the mine (Cart tunnel).
The crazy mining cart: Once inside, work your way west until you see another cart tunnel, go out, head south and go in the other tunnel. You should now see a ladder a little east of you. Go down and head east, you should see another ladder here, go down that, and look at your mini-map. You should see a yellow dot, this is a mine cart moving around, be careful and don't get hit by it as it'll do damage to you. It's a good idea to have run on now, there's some 'safe spots' where you can stand while the cart moves on the track, stand here until the cart is far enough away for you to make it to the next safe spot. At the end of the track you'll find a ladder, go down.
The levers: As you make your way north through the cave, pick a glowing fungus. Go north-west and you should come to a mine cart with a 'search' option. Use your fungus on this. Now go a little north-east and you should find some levers. Examine them all, and Pull A, B, D and E, and then head north-west, past the points settings board, and you should find the levers F-K, here you pull I and J. If you fail, make sure you pick a new fungus and place it in the cart (You fail when your cart sinks).
Back up and down again: Now head all the way back to the first level of the cave, and go down the ladder right before the place where you went out of the cave. Go north-east and down the ladder there. Go west, and down the ladder there, and you should see the mine cart from before. Search it to find the fungus, and then go back up the ladder. Head east, and make your way to the ladder going down, watch out though, there's another cart moving around there. When you're down there, take the eastern road, and you should end up at a water valve. Make sure you have 80%+ energy left, and then use the Zealot's Key on the valve, after this, run into the lift and go down.
Treus Dayth: You should now be plunged in a chamber filled with water. Go east and down the stairs and prepare for the final fight. In the middle of the room there's a crate with an 'innocent looking key' on it. Try to take this and you'll be attacked. Put protection from missiles on to protect you from the flying axes, and hunt Treus Dayth down. Go through the east door, up the stairs, west until you get to another set of stairs, go down. There's a large door on the south side, go in, and head south-east until you find some crystal outcrop. Use your chisel to cut some and you've completed the quest.

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